Starting in Darkshire at the east side of this zone, your initial quests will have you running back and forth to Raven Hill, at the west side of the zone. I am assuming that you will enter from Lakeshire in Redridge Mountains, as Darkshire contains the flight path. It is probably easier to reach the Raven Hill area from Sentinel Hill in Westfall, although the run through Duskwood on the road should be safe. Coming from Sentinel Hill, the trick is to head directly east, and swim across the river to reach Sven’s Camp.

Raven Hill

Start by collecting: Elaine Carevin – Raven Hill, Elaine Carevin – The Hermit and Chef Grual – Seasoned Wolf Kabobs, all in Darkshire. On the way, about halfway in fact, also take: Watcher Dodds – Eight Legged Menaces. You can kill spiders and wolves around levels 18-22 for these quests, all around the edges of Duskwood, and not just in the north west. While you are killing, save up any Gooey Spider Legs you find, as you will need six for Chef Grual later. Jitters is in the main part of Raven Hill: Jitters – Jitters Growling Gut.

After Raven Hill, work your way west to the river, then north until you meet Sven and Lars. Don’t try to go through the cemetery, as the undead there are 25-27. Lars – Wolves at Our Heels, and Sven Yorgen – Sven’s Revenge.

The Hermit is Abercrombie, who is north east of the graveyard. The best way to reach him is by working your way south from the river bank, after going around the graveyard that way.

Tranquil Gardens Cemetery

Back in Darkshire, collect: Madame Eva – Ghost Hair Thread, Commander Althea Ebonlocke – The Night Watch and Chef Grual – Dusky Crab Cakes. When you give Grual the gooey spider legs, he gives you: Chef Grual – Return to Jitters. Blind Mary is in the house to the south east of Darkshire; reach it by taking the road to Tranquil Gardens but continue east when it bends. The house is guarded by 23-34 skeletal horrors. Tranquil Gardens has level 22-23 warriors and mages for the Night Watch.

The Yorgen Farmstead

Sven’s farm is the Yorgen Farmstead, near where you return to Dodds. Your target is the mound of loose dirt behind and between the two farm buildings; you will need to kill 1-3 level 25-26 Defias to reach it safely. Go to Sven, who will send you back to Darkshire. The book takes you to Madame Eva, then to Clerk Daltry, Tavernkeep Smitts, and finally to Raven Hill.

Moonbrook Schoolhouse

The next in the series, Commander Althea Ebonlocke – The Night Watch, sends you back to Raven Hill! You should now need to visit Jitters and Ambercrombie as well, so it’s worth it. But first, run the stages in Darkshire for Madame Eva – The Legend of Stalvan. Next target is the Moonbrook Schoolhouse, so take a griffin to Sentinel Hill. The schoolhouse is the building to the northwest of Moonbrook, with a bell tower. The evidence you need is in a footlocker in the furthest in room; when you open it, you will be attacked by a level 25 ghost with a love of casting polymorph on hunters and warlocks. Then back again to Darkshire for Tavernkeeper Smitts – Gather Rot Blossoms (skeletal horrors and fiends in Raven Hill Cemetery; or the much closer horrors around Blind Mary’s house).

Back in Raven Hill, visit Jitters then collect: Sven Yorgen – Proving Your Worth.


In the cemetery, you may well find: An Old History Book, which wants to be returned to Stormwind library; save it until you reach Clerk Daltry – The Legend of Stalvan, which sends you now to Goldshire, and then on to Stormwind, to Caretaker Folsom, between the Mage Quarter and the Park, with another level 25 ghost to deal with. The library is in Stormwind Keep. You can also take: Viktori Prism’Antras – Look to the Stars. Vicktori is in the last house to the south of the east road out of Darkshire. Sometimes the gnomes next door to the west sell the bronze tube, otherwise, you’ll want to find Billibub Cogspinner in the Dwarven District in Stormwind, or buy one in the Auction House. The engineering supplies vendor in Ironforge also sometimes has a bronze tube. The quest from Thomas the altar boy in the cathedral should also be available at this level, The Missing Diplomat; I think ti becomes available around level 28, but it might be earlier. Just follow the run around in Stormwind until it sends you back to Darkshire. The next step for Stalvan is Marshal Haggard in Eastvale Logging Camp; the ghost is level 26 this time. Finally, back to Darkshire to see Tavernkeeper Smitts. There’s some more running around, all in Darkshire this time, followed by the commission to kill Stalvan just north of town, east of the path. Stalvan is level 35, so take a group, or wait a couple of levels to finish; the exp leading up to this is well worth while.

Viktori will send you to get a mirror from Blind Mary, who in turn wants you to kill the Insane Ghoul in the house at Tranquil Gardens Cemetery (level 26). The final installment of Viktori Prism’Antras – Look to the Stars, wants you to kill Zzarc’Vul in the Vul’Gol Ogre Mound; he’s level 33. File with Stalvan for a while.

You can go to Addle’s Stead, south of Raven Hill, for the Missing Diplomat. You have to enter the house for this (the small building to the east, and not the barn), which is guarded by two to three level 26ish Defias. Sometimes some patrolling Defias can get stuck in the fence outside the house, which can be tricky to deal with.

Raven Hill Cemetery

Now: Commander Althea Ebonlocke – The Night Watch; kill plague spreaders in the NE of Raven Hill Cemetery. Watch out for Mor’Ladim, a level 35 elite, who wanders in the north west part of the cemetery. The skeleton fingers and vials of spider venom for the Totem of Infliction should also be covered by now – and the remaining ghoul fangs can be collected in the Raven Hill Cemetery, in the north east section. These ghouls are all 24-27; the plague spreaders are 27-28. These all also drop the ghoul ribs for Abercombie. Sven’s targets are all in the north west section of the cemetery, most of them underground.

For Sven, you will find enough healers and raiders outside, but you will want to enter the crypts to find wardens. If you take the entrance south of Morbent Fel’s house, which has the healers outside, there are two raiders at the point you enter (and a warden can wander through). I found to the right down some steps three wardens and a healer, which was ideal. Level 26 (healers) – 29. Be warned that the wardens are 100% resistant to fire spells. This has the potential for fighting multiples due to the limited space and wanderers, so I rank it after the first two parts of Worgen in the Woods.

While you are in this area, find a grave north of the northwestern part of the Cemetery, although I think it is officially still in Forlorn Rowe – about half way to the river bank. Click on the tombstone to get The Weathered Grave, which leads to Mor’Ladim.

Sven’s quest will send you to Stormwind, and then to Wetlands. Abercrombie will send you to the ogre mound in south central Duskwood. The crate is to the right of the entrance to the mound as you face it, behind the log there. It is guarded by three level 30 ogres, but you can probably get away with only killing one if you are careful.

The Wetlands quest is to find lightforge ingots. The first of these is in a container on top of the wrecked boat in Menethil Harbor, south of the town. The rest drop from the murloc raiders, all level 28-29. Once you have completed this you can pick up the quest for Morbent Fel from Sven.

Brightwood Grove and The Rotting Orchard

Speak to Calor in Darkshire for Worgen in the Woods. The types for the first two quests are mixed together in the Rotting Orchard, which is south of town and just west of the Tranquil Gardens; they are also found in the Brightwood Grove, which is west of Darkshire, over the hills. They are well spread out in Brightwood Grove, levels 26-29, and should be easy to pull. The ones in the Rotting Orchard are more densely packed, and there is no real reason to go there. For the third quest, the worgen are further south, in the hills at a mine called Roland’s Doom, and levels 29-31. The Vile Fangs are all outside the mine, and the Tainted Ones inside. It is best to save this last quest for after a vist to Ashenvale. The Howling Vale quest there concludes with a visit to Roland’s Doom; the evidence asked for is a patch of dirt in the back of the mine on the right hand side. There is a second cave, west of Roland’s Doom; the worgen here are mixed vile fang and tainted, but have a very strange spawn pattern, often several spawning in a row at the same spot as you kill them.

You are left with a few mid-thirties quests to complete; it’s best to get a group and run through them all together.

Viktori Prism’Antras – Look to the Stars; this is for Zzarc’Vul (level 34) in the ogre mound. Can be soloed without much difficulty.
Commander Althea Ebonlocke – The Legend of Stalvan. Stalvan is in Manor Mistmoore, and is level 35 non-elite, but remarkably tough for a non-elite.
Commander Althea Ebonlocke – Mor’Ladim.
Sven – Morbent Fel.
Lord Ello Ebonlocke – Bride of the Embalmer. Eliza is in the grave behind the hermit’s hut, and spawns two guards not long after you open it.

Zardeth of the Black Claw (SW) – A Noble Brew ?? 30
Magistrate Solomon (Redridge) – Messenger to Darkshire (part of various messages)

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