WoW Quest Guide – Redridge Mountains, Human

East of Elwynn Forest; part of the human starting grounds, suitable for 15-20. Enter with Gryan Stoutmantle – The Defias Brotherhood, from Westfall, and collect Guard Parker – Encroaching Gnolls, as you enter on the road from Elwynn Forest.


As you enter Lakeshire, you will pick up: Foreman Oslow – The Lost Tools. Also take: Verner Osgood – The Price of Shoes, Magistrate Solomon – Messenger to Stormwind, Darcy – A Free Lunch, Barkeep Daniels – Dry Times, Shawn – Hilary’s Necklace, Chef Breanna – Redridge Goulash, and Dockmaster Baren – Selling Fish (fishing quest, requires level 16). The contact for the Defias Brotherhood quest (Wiley) is upstairs in the inn.

The necklace is somewhere west of the bridge (random location); it appears as a black shape. The tools are in a fixed location, in the middle of the murlocs (18-20). The spot is east of the pier, just north of the “L” of Lake Everstill on the map, just where it turns deep. You can only get them at this level if someone is killing the murlocs.

Take care of your fishing, then to back to Guard Parker, and kill a few tarantulas and goretusks in the Three Corners area if you like.

Then it’s back to Stormwind, out to Goldshire, and on to Westfall again; and back, and again… When that’s all over, come back to Lakeshire. Along the way, try to get the items for Dry Times from Stormwind, Goldshire and the dwarf in the Dagger Hills of Westfall (he wants five hops from the golems). The final item is from Darkshire in Duskwood, and is best obtained by running in from Redridge. Remember, as always, to pick up the flight path while you are there. The items for the quest are expensive, but the payback is good, and more than makes up for it.

If you have blacksmithing, in Ironforge there is: Tormus Deepforge – Gearing Redridge. The reward is a pattern for Ironforge breastplate; as with all the blacksmithing quests, it is very expensive to carry out (88 copper bars required), with relatively low cash and experience returned.

Lakeridge Highway

If you haven’t already, collect: Verner Osgood – Underbelly Scales (the run to Goldshire is required before you can get any of his further quests, so you might as well do it), and Deputy Feldon – Assessing the Threat. South of the lake, take the path to the east. On either side of this path you will find whelps (17-18), gnoll mongrels and poachers (15-17), and dire condors (18-19). This will be enough to complete: Assessing the Threat, Underbelly Scales and Redridge Goulash. The whelps and condors have low hit points, and I could easily kill them with a 17 paladin.

Redridge Canyons

On the hills directly above Lakeshire, you can find gnoll brutes and mystics, 17-19, for Foreman Oslow – the Everstill Bridge, and Verner Osgood – A Baying of Gnolls.

It’s at this point that there are no available easy quests (yellow or lower), so I’d advise a return to Westfall to clear out the remaining Defias quests. I had cleared to this point as a level 18 paladin. Alternatively, move on to Duskwood, which has quests for 20-30.

Dockmaster Baren – Murloc Poachers 20 (requires level 20)
Marshall Marris – Blackrock Menace 21 (19-25 orcs to N, nr Burning Steppes)

Bailiff Conacher – Solomon’s Law 23 gnolls, 21-26, NE of zone
Martie Jainrose – An Unwelcome Guest 24 (can’t get until 18) kill Bellygrub, level 24.
Guard Howe – Blackrock Bounty 25 (elite)

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