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Trade skill paths

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These are the quick and easy skill ups for different trade skills. Note that skill ups are fastest when within 20 points of the trivial, bourne out by several tradeskillers, but this can be overridden by price or convenience of a higher trivial item.

First: you can take all tradeskills to 54 for free by the Abysmal Sea vendor quests. Do this.

Fetid Essence (122): flask water, fishing grubs (no bottle/cask!)
The best place for this is PoK – brew barrel and water in the merchant centre by the bank; grubs from a nearby vendor south of the library
Skull Ale (151): cyclops skull, vinegar, short beer, spices
Faydwer Shaker (188): mead, elven wine, gnomish spirits, dwarven ale, cask
Minotaur Hero’s Brew (248): 3 malt, yeast, 2 flask water, 2 short beer, cask

You can train to 21 first if you wish
Batwing crunchies (46) batwing, frosting
Beer braised meat (68) meat, short beer, spices
Filet of bear/wolf (143) meat, fileting knife (smithing triv 76, 3 metal bits, scaler mold, water)
Shadowhaven, meat sold from a couple of vendors
Patty Melt (191): (wolf/bear/lion) meat, loaf of bread, cheese, non-stick frying pan (mold sold only in Jaggedpine/Abysmal, recipe is mold, bits, water, ceramic lining)
Meat in Shadowhaven or Thurgadin, Mordin’s Meats – he also sells bread. Cheese from gnolls/rangers in Jaggedpine; or from adjacent vendors in Abysmal.

Train to 21 first; these skillups are slow
Medium jar (36): block of clay, medium jar sketch, water flask
Medium bowl (122): block of clay, medium bowl sketch, water flask
Poison vial (148): small block clay, vial sketch, water flask, skin (not ruined, zombie skins included – or Crow’s Special Brew, if that still works) or
Large bowl (148): large block clay, water flask, large bowl sketch, glass shards
Casserole dish (199): casserole dish sketch, ceramic lining, large block of clay, water flask

Silk thread (15): 2 spiderling/shadeling silks (no fail)
Patchwork Armor (26): ruined pelt, pattern or
Leather Padding (31): silk thread, LQ pelt
Raw silk armor (36): silk swatch (2 spider silks), pattern
Cured silk mask (82): silk swatch, heady kiola, mask pattern (skip this and save your kiolas for Wu’s)
Greyhopper boots (95): greyhopper hide, boots pattern
Quiver (115): HQ cat pelt, pattern
Owlbear Tunic (135): 2 owlbear pelts, 2 shadeling threads (Vah Shir tailoring quest only); plain owlbear pelts are too rare, so skip this
Wu’s fighting armor (128 – 158): …
LoY ribbons: see Zeralenn’s Guide.

Look for Zeralenn’s Guide.

Metal bits (15): 2 small pieces ore, water flask – can never have too many metal bits
Train to 21 if you like
Skewers (38): metal bits, skewer mold, flask water or
Scaler (41): metal bits, scaler mold, flask water
Dairy spoon (74): 2 metal bits, scaler mold, flask water
Banded bracer (95): sheet of metal, flask water, bracer mold
Banded mail (115): 3 sheets of metal, flask water, mail mold
Can do all of these in Shadowhaven, the smithing location near the library entrance. The trader quest may be required to trade with these merchants.
cultural needles (132) this stage used to be profitable
Ornate Chain (116 – 142): …
Fine Plate (188) need leather padding for this

See Gumkak’s Guide

See Aoenla’s Fletching Guide. Table for skilling up taken from there:

The Cheapest Way To Fletch
Description Triv Dmg/Rng Cost(5) Point Shaft Fletch Nock


Type 1 16 1/50 20 Field Wood Round Large
Type 2 36 1/75 31 Field Wood Round Medium
Type 3 46 1/100 41 Field Wood Para Large
Type 4 – Cheap 56 1/100 57 Field Wood Round Small
Type 4 – Alternate 1/150 78 Field Wood Para Small
Type 5 – Cheap 68 2/50 94 Field Bone Round Large
Type 5 – Alternate 2/150 152 Field Bone Para Small
Type 6 82 2/0 204 Field Wood Shield Large
Type 7 – Cheap 102 2/50 330 Hooked Wood Round Large
Type 7 – Alternate A 2/150 388 Hooked Wood Para Small
Type 7 – Alternate B 3/150 462 Hooked Bone Para Small
Type 8 122 2/25 697 Field Wood Wood Vane Large
Type 9 – Cheap 135 3/50 1170 Field Ceramic Round Large
Type 9 – Alternate 4/150 1538 Hooked Ceramic Para Small
Type 10 – Cheap 162 2/75 1380 Field Wood Bone Vane Large
Type 10- Alternate 2/125 1417 Field Wood Bone Vane Small
Type 11 202 3/50 2797 Field Wood Ceramic Vane Large

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