Easy Bags

I have attempted to collect together all of the easy to obtain bags. Most of these can be gathered at level 1, either as drops, easy purchases in accessible zones, or from simple quests. Most of the rest can be quested around level 20, or with minor trade skills. The final remainder are ones I just couldn’t resist adding in - mainly famous classic bags.

My suggestion for a new character is to first see if you have the claims for the two Dreamweave Satchels, which are one per character; if you never bought House of Thule, you may not have them. Next, open barrels in Gloomingdeep to get bags, ending up with backpacks - plain old, 8 slot, no weight reduction, backpacks. If you visit the Plane of Knowledge, then you can buy deluxe toolboxes (use Find on the tinkering vendors), which are ten slot; also do the Bazaar quest from Secalna Galnor for the Sturdy Traveller’s Pack.

If you are a ‘good’ race, then you can consider doing the Courier of Favor quest from Sunrise Hills; this takes some time (a few hours) to complete.

The next most accessible, reasonable bag is the Ore Hauler’s Haversack, the result of a quest from Smith Bronson in Crescent Reach.

If you have some trade skills, then the trade skill trophies can all summon temporary bags. If you hand them in to Jolum in the Bazaar, he gives you an Artisan Seal, with instructions to combine the seal in a trade skill container. This isn’t really worth doing for the bag until you have a skill level of 200-250, but if you have 300, you will be rewarded with two bags, one very large bag for trade skill components only, and a 12 slot, 100% WR bag.

You can also buy from players a large bag that holds only tradeskill items Extraplanar Trade Satchel. This is 100% WR and holds 32 items/stacks. With the numbers of trade skill drops that have resale value, this is a worthwhile purchase when you can afford it (currently selling for 2.5kpp on Antonius Bayle). The bag isn’t lore, but, unless you are very heavily into tradeskill farming, one is enough.



Claims from purchase of Veil of Alaris.


Prices vary when SOE put on a special promotion. For any spending in the marketplace, try to make use of promotions selling Station Cash - there reasonably often are double cash days, and infrequently there will be a triple cash day. Also watch out for reseller specific (e.g. Walmart or Game) cards that give bonus cash. It may be cheaper to buy cards and redeem them than it is to buy Station Cash directly from SOE, although this can depend on currency exchange rates.


Plus many more; if you don’t do trade skills, you should be able to pick these up in the Bazaar.


You can buy currency in the Bazaar, or from the Loyalty vendor. There are a large number of different bags on the Loyalty vendor, but they change regularly so that she only sells one of them at a time.


Fabled Bags

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