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    How can I install Everquest?

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    How long does it take to download?

  3. How much space does an installation of Everquest require?

  4. Does Everquest run on Vista/Windows7?

  5. I have installed Everquest, but it doesn't work. What now?

  6. Autofollow doesn't

  7. Everquest is lagging far too much for a 10+ year old game

Getting started:
  1. Is there a trial for Everquest?

  2. How to buy Everquest?

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    What to buy?

  4. Rating: +2

    Is Everquest dying?

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    Everquest Free to Play

  6. Free/Silver account with unusable gear?

  7. Are there enough players?

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    How long does it take to level?

  9. What class/race should I choose?

  10. What classes can solo?

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    Choosing a server

  12. Rating: +2

    Initial setup

  13. Guide to Mines of Gloomingdeep

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    How to leave the tutorial?

  15. Maps

  16. Interfaces

  17. What to Do and When

  18. Performance tips

  19. Housing

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  21. Loyalty

  22. Adding spells to hotbars

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    What level is required for higher level buffs?

General questions:
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    Where are my characters?/Server Merges

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    Lost account details

  3. Hot Zones

  4. What are Veteran rewards?

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    Making plat

  6. Experience penalties

  7. What level can I group with?

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  9. What is "Classic"?

  10. No one in EC/Nexus/PoK?

  11. What are Fabled mobs?

  12. Revamped Zones

  13. Seeds of Destruction Veteran Status

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    I've been LFG for hours!

  15. What are Classic or OMM Missions?

  16. What are AAs?

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    When should I AA?

  18. Can I have more spells?

  19. Travel

  20. How do I ignore forum trolls?

  21. Quest Journal problems

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    What are /claim rewards?

  24. Spirit Shrouds

  25. Everquest Lore

  26. Progression servers

  27. Loyalty vendor

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    Contacting Support

  29. Will this game run on a Mac Mini?

  30. Requesting LDoNs

  31. Mounts

  32. Corpse runs

  33. I am level 6 in Norrath and I have been killed twice going to the bank. What am I doing wrong? A level 25 guard is in red outside and kills me when I come close. How do I go to the bank?

In game commands:
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    Basic Commands

  2. What serverwide channels are used?

  3. AA Alt activate keys

  4. Links in hotkeys

  5. How can I play in third person view?

  6. How can I improve my graphics settings?

  7. Text too small

  8. Group Roles/Mercenaries

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    Everquest Classic

  2. Rating: +2

    Ruins of Kunark

  3. Rating: +5

    Shadows of Luclin

  4. Rating: +1

    Scars of Velious

  5. Planes of Power

  6. Rating: +1

    Legacy of Ykesha

  7. Lost Dungeons of Norrath

  8. Gates of Discord

  9. Omens of War

  10. Rating: +2

    Dragons of Norrath

  11. Depths of Darkhollow

  12. Prophecy of Ro

  13. The Serpent's Spine

  14. The Buried Sea

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    Secrets of Faydwer

  16. Seeds of Destruction

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  18. House of Thule

  19. Veil of Alaris

  20. Rain of Fear

  21. Call of the Forsaken

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    The Darkened Sea

  23. Rating: +1

    The Broken Mirror

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4 Responses to “Index”

  1. Sallidar says:

    You should make a page with the Loyalty Program details and rewards.

  2. Gaxington says:

    How about a section on what the different item tags mean (IE No Rent, No Pet, Placeable, Prestige, Heirloom, Ect Ect Ect)

  3. jeffrey rayborn aka; drpprdrgn says:

    hello! I am a returning player from some 20 years ago. I have made 2 accounts and have 5 char on one and 1 char on the other. last night I finally got 2 of them together! yeah! — bummer was — it took me 2 hours to get the looting to work ! I still don’t know how people get this stuff to work so quickly!
    currently I am searching for commands that I can use to help my 2 characters perform together better.
    back when I used to run a pally and a cleric and had a lot of fun with them.
    I remember using a beastlord and a druid together also. hoping to do that again if I can get thru the learning curve ! LOL any help will be greatly appreciated !!!
    drpprdrgn – peyenu ( druid on FV server)rawlansa – beastlord on fv server, durgadder-cleric, durbadder-pally and a few others all on fv server. I live in Wisconsin- play from midnight till approx. 4 am after I get home from work most days and occasionally over the weekend.

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