Serpent Seeker's Charm of Lore

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This is one of the two long series quests for The Serpent’s Spine expansion; it is also part of the Hero’s Journey achievements. The reward is a charm, which is twinned with the loadstone, which in turn is a charm augment. This won’t be complete until level 75-80, although many parts can be collected for the quest at a much earlier level - starting at level 1. However, be warned: some of the later items are dropped from raid bosses, which only drop one of the item per raid; and this is required to be fully complete before your Hero’s Journey is completed.

For this you just collect items, most of which are ground spawns, or in simple containers, and hand them in to Librarian Hemfar in Crescent Reach.

Crescent Reach

There are three items in Crescent Reach itself, two of which are guarded by mobs:

The Note is a book on the table in the second room on the right, on the top floor of the inn. The jewelry box is at the back of the undead throne room on the top floor; if you have invisibility to undead, this is very easy to reach (it is possible that these undead don’t see through normal invisibility - check?). The final item is in a skull and bones container at the back of the left fork in the undead caves to the north of the Hollow in Crescent Reach; you will need to deal with at least one undead that stands over these bones.

Blightfire Moors

The bark is in a pile of stones between the central hole in the crater and the SE lake. The beads are in another pile of stones north of the Ogre Stomp (by Gubjak; near Selay). The boot sole is behind the dragon carcass north of the crossroads, and the foot is in a red flower in the middle of the jumjum field.

Stone Hive

Head east into the hedge maze, and the baneleaf is in a flower at the very end of the maze, near the enchanter spell merchant.

Goru’kar Mesa

Blackfeather Roost

The Steppes

Sunderock Springs

Icefall Glacier

Direwind Cliffs

Vergalid Mines


Ashengate, Reliquary of the Scale: North

Ashengate, Reliquary of the Scale: West

Frostcrypt: Raid Instance #2

Valdeholm: Udengar the Traitor

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