Erollisi's Day

Erollisi’s Day is a Norrathian substitute for Valentine’s Day, and occurs in the month of February.

There are three associated collections (which require the Rain of Fear expansion); Erollisi Day Haters, Erollisi Day Lovers, and Erollisi Day Hats. Hate letters spawn in Neriak Foreign Quarter, and love letters in Halas. There are eight in each collection, and appear as ground spawns (a glowing orb); one circuit of Halas gave me five of the set. Four hats are dropped randomly from mobs, and in addition require that you have the Hero’s Forge option turned on. The reward is 10 AA (or equivalent).

Grimble Grumblemaker in the Plane of Knowledge, just outside the Guild Lobby, gives The Perfect Companion quest, which requires visiting sixteen of the starter cities. There are two rewards for this quest: one for visiting five cities, the other (and the achievement) for visiting all sixteen. Fortunately you aren’t given anything to hold and hand in, so you don’t have to worry about bag space. All of the required NPCs are on Find, and you need to hail them (probably multiple times, as they will run away, then return to their spawn point). My suggestion is to spam hail them while they are running away; you may need to be on top of them to get a successful hail, or you can try hailing from behind, as some report that works better. You can hail while invisible. You need to make all sixteen hails for this to count against the Erollisi’s Day achievement, although the quest itself can be completed with omly five. I received 2 AAs for this at level 100.

The Emissary of Erollisi, situated outside the Bazaar in the Plane of Knowledge, gives the Things Are Best With Friends quest, which involves clicking an idol at players at least ten times (with a 30 second refresh), which gives a buff. The buff can be quite annoying, but at least it still counts down in Guild Lobby/Plane of Knowledge. The reward is over 1kpp and 2 AAs at level 100.

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