Hardcore Heritage

Every summer for the last few years, SOE have released updated versions of classic zones for a few weeks, with higher level mobs and updated drops. The exact dates aren’t broadcast much ahead of time, which is a shame - and locks low level players out of the zones for important epic drops and good experience. It has been suggested many times that these should be implemented as alternate versions, but this has always been ignored.

The affected zones are:

These updates take place between May, shortly after the Anniversary quests are shut down, and September, before the new expansion pre-release quests start.Each of the lower sets is available for two weeks, the final set for four weeks.

Armor Drops

The revamped zones all drop specific items, some of which are tradeable, and some not. They also drop quest items, which are tradeable, that can be handed in to Thach Jerden in the Plane of Knowledge (south side, outside the smithy), for class specific armor.

Blackburrow and Lower Guk drop Glowing Athlai, which has a required level of 71, and recommended level 76. Cazic-Thule and Unrest drop Glowing Othni, with the same req/rec levels, but better stats. Crushbone and Permafrost drop Glowing Reis, with required level 85, recommended 90.

The Athlai and Othni trade-ins are significant upgrades over Elegant Defiant and Archaic (SoD tier 1 drops), and the tradeable weapons are also well worth seeking out.

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