Hero's Forge Armor

Hero’s Forge is the name given to a new (as of 2012) armour customisation feature. The exact look has been updated a couple of times since then, so if you have been put off by the very bulky and ugly initial versions, it may be worth a second look.

You must buy the Hero’s Forge feature for a character, which will give you a set of seven visible armour (only one wrist needed) slot 21 augments, which can be fitted to any armour with a type 21 augment slot, which totally changes the look of the armour, and has no effect on stats.

There is a way to switch robes for tunics, although this only applies to class/race combinations that can wear robes.

Cloth and leather classes can use either cloth or leather Hero’s Forge, and chain and plate can also use either chain or plate Hero’s Forge.

The price in the Marketplace for the feature is SC 1200 (the equivalent of $12). Additional sets of augments can be found as drops, bought in the Bazaar, or bought from the Marketplace. You can also buy some items from Keliss Arden in the Plane of Knowledge, next to the soul binder, including robes and wizard hats.

Hero’s Forge Sets:

All of these, at least in theory, are available in cloth, leather, chain and plate. All sets will also be available on the Station Cash Marketplace; standard price is 350 SC per set.

The basic low level colour named sets are relatively plain; everything from Sylvan and above is more elaborate. You can get a preview of the look of an item on your character by alt-right clicking on it, but it is still difficult to get a clear view on the tiny preview image. You can’t preview the items in the marketplace, so the best way to find examples is either Google, for screenshots, or it inspect items in the Bazaar window.

Individual items, such as hats (wizard pointy hats, etc) also drop, including some seasonal drops.

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