The Hero's Journey

This is a grouped series of achievements that should take any character from level 1 to level 85, providing up to date rewards (much of it in the form of gear) along the way. This is intended to solve the problem of choice, as in the question “what do we do next?”. You aren’t forced to follow this progression in any way, but if you ever come to a loose end, just look at the Hero’s Journey and there will be one, clear, “best” option for your character and level to follow, in the form of a specific set of zones and a small cluster of quests.

You can consult the Hero’s Journey in game, in several ways. The first is just by using the Achievements windows; one of the several sets is the Hero’s Journey, which you can open up and inspect down to the level of quest titles. If you want to find out what you have missed in the past, this is probably the best way.

The second is by using the Tome of the Hero’s Journey; click it, and a window will open showing the zones and quests for your level that you haven’t yet completed, including either or both of the Serpent Seeker’s Charm of Lore and the Wanderlust Guild Loadstone quests, and various other long quest series.

Crescent Reach

See the Crescent Reach guide for full details.

Blightfire Moors

See the Blightfire Moors for full details.

Stone Hive

Goru’kar Mesa

Blackfeather Roost

The Steppes

Sunderock Springs

Vergalid Mines

The Buried Sea

Secrets of Faydwer

Seeds of Destruction

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