Arathi Highlands (Alliance)

Before heading here, collect from Stormwind: Archmage Malin – Malin’s Request. As this is possibly your first trip in this direction, collect the flight path at Refuge Point, then head to Hillsbrad Foothills (due west), and to Southshore for Phin Odelic, Hillsbrad – Hints of a New Plague?. Both of these are starting points for lengthy quest series.

Refuge Pointe

Take Captain Nials – Northfold Manor, and Apprentice Kryten – Worth Its Weight in Gold. The manor is to the WNW of Refuge Pointe, with 31-32 mobs to kill. Some mobs on the way may be 34; the quickest route is overland, dealing with wandering mobs as you find them.

Worth Its Weight in Gold sends you to the Witherbark village, to the south east. Getting the knife requires to kill inside the cave, and is at best an uncommon drop. After completing this, you will be sent to Skuerto, to get Wand Over Fist. This is from Kor’gresh, in Boulderfist Hall, SW of the troll village. Kor’gresh is level 39, and the other ogres around 34-37.

The rest of this series leads you to Stromgarde.

Crystal in the Mountains 35 (series)

Faldir’s Cove

If you walk by the east side of Stromgarde, past some mostly 38 buzzards, you will find a cave, leading to a bay. Swim up it, and you reach Faldir’s Cove. Lolo the Lookout – Land Ho!. Talk to Captain O’Breen, and this opens up a series of quests for level 40.

Lolo – Land Ho! 35
First Mate Nilzlix – Deep Sea Salvage 40
Captain Steelgut – Drowned Sorrows 40
Professor Fizzlethorpe – Sunken Treasure 40

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