Tanaris (Alliance)

A lot of the quests given here are lead ins to Zul’Farrak, and some straightforward quest sequences suddenly branch off to there. You will want from Stranglethorn Vale: “Sea Wolf” MacKinley – Stoley’s Debt, and Krazek – Tran’rek; the follow on for this is one of those Zul’Farrak quests. Start by making your way to Gadgetzan.

Wastewander Bandits

The introductory quest is a repeatable one: Spigot Operator Luglunket – Water Pouch Bounty. Also grab: Chief Engineer Bilgewhizzle – Wastewander Justice. Most people go to the Noonshade Ruins east of Gadgetzan, but the whole of the desert area close to the coast is filled with bandits, if you find the ruins already taken. Keep collecting the water pouches while killing bandits. Next is: Chief Engineer Bilgewhizzle – More Wastewander Justice. The mobs for this are west of the lower mobs in the desert, more or less SW from Gadgetzan. Try to get to Steamwheedle Port, to the east, and pick up the wanted poster quest: WANTED: Caliph Scorpidsting. He wanders the higher level desert bandit camps, and is guarded by two stealthed rogues. I forget the exact levels for these, but the starting bandits (thieves and bandits) are 40-42, and the higher level ones 42-45, with the Caliph at 46.

Southsea Pirates

After dealing with the bandits, it’s time to find the pirates. You want to follow: “Sea Wolf” MacKinley – Stoley’s Debt, to Steamwheedle Port, and get: Stoley – Stoley’s Shipment. While there, take the other poster quest: WANTED: Andre Firebeard; it is rated lower, but I think it is a little harder. You can also pick up Haughty Modiste – Pirate Hats Ahoy!, and Security Chief Bilgewhizzle – Sothsea Shakedown. Follow the coastline south to a cave. Through there are the pirates, levels 44 and 45. Andre is in the compound, at a fire in the middle, with three dock workers of a similar level (he is 45) who will come with him; the dock workers can follow for a much longer distance than usual, if you need to run. The cask for Stoley is in the building on the right as you enter the compound, on the top floor. The ground floor has three pirates; I was able to pull two and them one. The back room is raised, and has three more pirates, these all came together for me. The shipment is in a clickable crate in a small room up some stairs. Back for: Stoley – Deliver to MacKinley (in Stranglethorn Vale).

There are several more quests available if you continue to kill in this area. Any pirate (of any type) can drop pirate’s footlockers, which you can open with a map fragment inside. Collect all three to make: Cuergo’s Treasure Map – Cuergo’s Gold; the middle fragment is the rarest of the three, in my experience I got 10 bottom fragments, several top fragments, and zero middle, in 2 levels grinding here. To solve this quest, head to Land’s End Beach, which is in the south (a long way). The beach is covered by level 50 elite turtles, but they have a short aggro range and can be avoided. When you click on the wrecked mast, three level 45 pirate will appear, and run away from the mast. One of them will drop the key to the chest, and you are done.

You may also find a Ship Schedule for another quest, which is also from the footlockers. This is also rare, I got only one. Deliver it to Steamwheedle Port. The final item from the lockers is a Captain’s Key. This opens a locker on one of the two ships (I can’t remember which one), in the cabin at the back on the top deck; you should only have to kill two mobs to reach it, once you are on the boats.

Remember to come back to Steamwheedle Port for Yeh’kinya – Screecher Spirits, before heading to Feralas. Now is a good time to move on to Feralas and the Hinterlands, coming back to finish off Tanaris around 48.


Back to Gadgetzan.

Several of the other available quests are specific to professions: cooking, engineering, and blacksmithing. The cooking quest is: Dirge Quikcleave – Clamlette Surprise. Giant eggs come from rocs, which are commonest around the skeletons in the desert just south of Gadgetzan, levels 41-43. You also need zesty clam meat, which drops in clams from the snappers on the shore, near Steamwheedle Port; there are leathermaking quests that require turtle scales that drop here. The final item required is swiss alterac cheese, which you need to buy from a vendor; Stormwind can supply them, as well as several others.

Senior Surveyor Fizzledowser – Gadgetzan Water Survey. This is in the far north east, and the water hole is visible on the map at 39,30. All the trolls nearby are low 40s elites, but you can complete the quest without any aggro problems, from trolls at least. However, when you trigger the dowser, two silithid bugs will spawn, both level 48 (non-elite). Wandering desert mobs are 45-49 here. The follow on quest is: Senior Surveyor Fizzledowser – Noxious Lair Investigation. The target is south of the water hole, and mobs are 47-50. The swarmers have minions, which hit hard but have very low hit points – probably 10.

Another available quest is: Andi Lynn – The Dunemaul Compound. This is in the south centre of the zone, south of Gadgetzan. The ogres are 44-47, with the named ogre alone in his cave, but is level 49. See below for Marvon Rivetseeker – Gahz’ridian. This is in the same general area.

Thistleshrub Valley

In Gadgetzan, pick up: Marin Noggenfogger – The Thirsty Goblin, and Tran’rek – Thistleshrub Valley. Then go due south of Gadgetzan to find Broken Pillar and: Marvon Rivetseeker – Gahz’ridian (at 52,46). Marvon also is a destination for The Sunken Temple (from where?); the follow for this is a trip to Ratchet, Marvon Rivetseeker – The Stone Circle. The items for Gahz’ridian are common in the ruins south of there, Eastmoon and Southmoon ruins (three locations, 47,65; 40,37; 41,72). Ogres, level 46-48, are very close to the ground spawn points, but in almost all cases you can collect the items without aggro.

The valley is in the far SE, at the exit to Un’goro Crater; the elementals here are 48-50. Watch out for Tooga, a turtle who wanders this area and wants to be escorted back to Steamwheedle Port (Tooga – Tooga’s Quest). Back in Gadgetzan, Marin sends you to: Sprinkle – Sprinkle’s Secret Ingredient, which sends you to the lake in Hinterlands (location 40,60) to collect a mushroom at the bottom. The result, from Marin, is Noggenfogger Elixir, and also opens up Marin as a vendor.

The Gaping Chasm

This carries on from the previous insect quests, from Senior Surveyor Fizzledowser. Senior Surveyor Fizzledowser – The Scrimshank Redemption. The chasm is in the SE of Tanaris, and is inhabited by level 46-50 bugs. At the east side, close to where the homing robot is found, is an entrance to the main lair, roughly at 54,71. One of the chambers at this location is a sort of stretched out rectangle shape. In one of the four corners you will find the equipment. Back in Gadgetzan, you will eventually be sent to Darnassus and then back to Gadgetzan (Insect Part analysis, and the Rise of the Silithid). The follow up leads into Un’Goro Crater.

Grimbooze Thunderbrew (Westfall) – Sweet Amber 44 (SoS 62,23; Tanaris 65,37; and Hin 40,65; truesilver bar, cursed sycamore in Feralas, Searing Gorge 54,51)
Tran’rek – Scarab Shells 45 (Z’F)
Trenton Lighthammer – Troll Temper 45 (Z’F)
(Galvan The Ancient (STV) – Galvan’s Finest Pupil 45 – BS)
(Trenton Lighthammer – A Good Head on Your Shoulders 45)
(Trenton Lighthammer – The World at Your Feet 45)
(Trenton Lighthammer – The Mithril Kid 45)
Wooden Outhouse (Searing Gorge) – Ledger From Tanaris 46
(Nixx Sprocketspring – The Pledge of Secrecy 47 – Eng)
(Nixx Sprocketspring – Show Your Work 47)
Chief Engineer Bilgewhizzle – Divino-matic Rod 47 (Z’F)
Curgle Cranklehop – Handle With Care 47 (repeatable trip to Darnassus)
OOX-17/TN Distress Beacon – Find OOX-17/TN! 48
Homing Robot OOX-17/TN – Rescue OOX-17/TN 48
(Tenton Lighthammer – Did You Lose This? 50 – BS)
Stone Watcher of Norgannon – The Stone Watcher (elite) 50

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