SOE Forum Revamp – FAQ Section

Yesterday, July 13th, SOE revised the Everquest forums against the strenuous protests of many frequenters of the forums.  One very small part of the revamp was the creation of an FAQ section.  I will say that SOE have made no attempt to contact me about this, nor I them.

I do feel rather disappointed that they would do this, when this site serves the exact same purpose, and is structured rather better, as a genuine FAQ, than a forum section could be.  I created this site less than a year ago, when a poster in The Newbie Zone section launched into a rant against SOE for not already having an FAQ of their own; it wasn’t hard to set up, and anyone could have done it – not least SOE themselves.  However, in the grand tradition of their response to Muse’s EQAtlas, their creation and then removal of server forums, I can’t say I am surprised – only disappointed.

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