Shadows of Luclin

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December 4, 2001. Added the moon of Luclin with zones for 1 to 60, the Vah Shir race and the beastlord class. Temple of Ssraeshza and Vex Thal. Also introduced Alternate Advancement. The Bazaar. Mounts (horses). New character models. Spires added for transport.

Pets were given neutral faction, so they can travel through zones without aggro. The need to stare at the spell book to med was removed, and you meditate automatically when sitting (or on a mount and not casting or moving). Hell levels were removed (or, more accurately, mostly smoothed over).

Soul binders added. New user interface. Cazic-Thule was revamped to be a higher level zone. Jaggedpine Forest added (had been on Stormhammer server for some time).

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  1. jeffrey rayborn aka; drpprdrgn says:

    I wish there was a way to choose the starting area! gloomingdeep is great for bags and getting started. but when I started playing our characters HAD to start from their home . gloomingdeep detracts from the original game by throwing everyone together to quickly- you don’t learn your own character at all.
    especially” roleplaying “servers should start characters back in their home cities. otherwise how can it be ROLE playing!!

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