Requesting LDoNs

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At the low end, all characters in the group must be at least level 15, with a group average of 17 or more, and the requester must be at least level 20 and already have the Adventurer's Stone. A span of 15 levels from low to high is allowed. Groups must contain at least three characters, including mercenaries.

Once you have accepted an adventure, you must start it within 30 minutes, by at least one member of the group entering the dungeon; you can't add group members after requesting. You then have 90 minutes to complete it. You must allow 45 minutes before requesting a second adventure after starting the first.

At the high end, the group average must be below 80 (I have been told 83 and below). The highest you can shroud to is 70, so shrouds won't help if you are over 85. The hardest/highest adventures offered are level 65 hard, in which almost all mobs will be between 65 and 70; this is automatically given if your group average is 68 or over. Logged out characters that are within the 15 level range are accepted, but count as level 0 for group average. You should now be able to request LDoNs with no upper level limit.

The often mentioned dodge augment is Icy Prism of Avoidance (+8%) from Miragul's/Everfrost. The +15% specialize skills augs are from LDoN raids. There are also 35 AC and some haste augs.

For much more details, Necrotalk has a good guide at here.

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  1. Brad says:

    Cannot get into ldon with 4 players. Everything I read says I should be able to. Everything except the game. I have the stone. I can get an adventure. Any idea why I can’t get in.

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