Ragefire Chasm

This instance is located inside Orgrimmar, in the Cleft of Shadow, and is intended to be suitable for levels 13-15. The Alliance don’t have an equivalent instance, and can’t share this one, as it can be rather difficult to access.

Thunder Bluff, on Elder Rise: Rahauro – Testing an Enemy’s Strength
Rahauro – Searching for the Lost Satchel
Varimathras, the Undercity – The Power to Destroy
Neeru Fireblade – Slaying the Beast


Jergosh the Invoker – drops Chanting Blade (BoP)
Taragaman the Hungerer – drops Cursed Felblade (BoP)

All are 16 elite, no blue drops. A normal run through gave me 13 greens, plus three recipes – which seems high for the type of instance (compare with the Stockades, for example). Oh, and 7 stacks of linen.

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