The Swamp of Sorrows (Alliance)

Come here if you have been to Desolace and have reach Uthek the Wise – Ongeku, and on the way stop off in Boooty Bay to collect Krazek – Dream Dust in the Swamp and Duskwallow Marsh, for Morgan Stern – …And Bugs. Initial entry will probably be by road from Darkshire, in Duskwood. You need to take the road east out of town, and run through Deadwind Pass. Before leaving Darkshire, you should probably make a note of the location for: Watchmaster Sorigal – Supplies for Nethergarde; this is for Blasted Lands, but matches up with a delivery quest from Watcher Biggs. It is a timed quest (and takes up an inventory slot), so come back here when you are ready for it. It also has a level 40 minimum requirement.

Most quests seem to be for Fallow Sanctuary, in the NE. Watch out for a Scattered Crate in the swamp, which starts a quest, The Lost Supplies, to deliver to Nethergarde Keep, which is where you want to go to pick up a flight path.

When you enter, turn north to find The Harborage, and collect: Magtoor – Draenethyst Crystals. Next, find Watcher Biggs, between Splinterspear Junction and the turning into the Blasted Lands, and take: Watcher Biggs – Encroaching Wildlife. Work on this while moving to the lake to the west of Biggs, for the whelps and their dream dust. The wildlife are 35-37, and the whelps 34-36; the dreaming whelps can cast a long duration stun, so be careful. Go back to Biggs and accept: Watcher Biggs – The Lost Caravan.

Now for the Fallow Sanctuary, which is in the north, east of centre. Watch out for horde scouts on the road, level 37-38. Kill Lost Ones, and collect draenethyst crystals. To the east of the village is a wagon, and on it is the supplies chest for Biggs. While you are in the village, kill Ongeku, a normal level 37; I found him at the campfire close to the supplies wagon.

Wandering the swamp north of Stonard you may also meet a small group of draenids, with Noboru the Cudgel. Killing him will give you the quest Noboru the Cudgel, to hand in at the Harborage. Noboru is level 39.

You should deliver the supplies from the crate to Nethergarde Keep; Watcher Biggs – Deliver the Shipment; it is easiest to fly back to Duskwood for the other delivery quest, if you are already 40+. Blasted Lands is a higher level area, so, as soon as you enter, turn into the mine for a short cut – the mine is called the Garrison Armory. Out of the mine enter the Keep, where there is a vendor for sales and repairs.

Biggs also has: Watcher Biggs – Driftwood. This involves getting to the coast in the east, and clicking on wood on the beach. To get there, it is best to enter from the Fallow Sanctuary, avoiding all the elites to the south. On the beach there are some crocolisks and murlocs. The named murloc at one of the camps is for the Searing Gorge outhouse quest. Combine this with the …And Bugs quest mentioned above, to kill the 40/41 crabs.

When you are finished, you need to return to Booty Bay to see Krazek, who sends you on to Thousand Needles, and go back to Desolace for the turn in to Uthek.

Remaining quests:

Galen Goodward – Galen’s Escape 38 (camp at 47,39)

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