WoW Newbie Quest Guide – Night Elf, Teldrassil

This is intended to be a short guide to running the night elf newbie area most efficiently. It is always best to run available quests on top of grinding kills for experience; this should show available combinations of quests that involve killing the same mobs wherever possible. I will point out any possible gaps in experience levels between quests, and also any parts of the sequence that require groups rather than soloing. Look up quests on Allakhazam or Thottbot for details. Also a good guide for Darkshore and Teldrassil on Allakhazam.


You start in front of: Conservator Ilthalaine – the Balance of Nature. A little way to the north is: Melithar Staghelm – the Woodland Protector. Take these two quests, find Tarnindrella for her quest, and kill grells, nightsabres, boars to the south/SW.

By this time you will be level 3; return to the tree to sell, then go to: Conservator Ilthalaine – Etched Sigil; this is a class specific quest that will vary. Go train your level 2 skills and spells. Before you leave him, pick up: Conservator Ilthalaine – Balance of Nature – mangy nightsabres, thistle boars. SW of the tree at the bottom of the ramp is: Gilshalan Windwalker – Webwood Venom. To the east is Dirania Silvershine – Friend in Need. Head to the north to kill, then return, sell, collect your rewards and get your level 4 training out of the way. Next is: Gilshalan Windwalker – Webwood Egg. Go back to the north, this time into the cave, and return when completed. Gilshalan Windwalker – Speak with Tenaron. He is at the top of the tree above the druid and hunter trainers. Tenaron – Crown of the Earth. By this time, you will be part way through 5; 1 – 2 hours required so far. This sends you out of Aldrassil to your next hunting areas. By the exit, collect the quest: Porthannius – Dolanaar Delivery.


In Dolanaar you have the chance to train first aid/herbalism/alchemy/cooking. Other professions are further afield. If you choose cooking, collect small eggs from the owls, and small spider legs from the webwoods.

On the way in to Dolanaar: Zenn Foulhoof – Zenn’s Bidding. In the village head to the inn and collect your hearthstone from the innkeeper (upstairs). Also collect: Athridas Bearmantle – A Troubling Breeze; Zarrin – Recipe of the Kaldorei; Corithras Moonrage – Crown of the Earth, and upstairs in the tree building across from the inn: Tallonkai Swiftroot – Emerald Dreamcatcher. Hunt to the east, towards Swiftbreeze village. The first building upstairs will solve one quest (and collect: Gaerolas Talvethir – Gnarlpine Corruption), then a cupboard in the building to the SE will solve another. Go back and collect your rewards and and follow on quests. By this point you should be 6, so train.

In the inn, this will be available: Sentinel Kyra Starsong – Seek Redemption; also collect: Tallonkai Swiftroot – Ferocitas the Dreameater. Go back to the village, but move north; on the way look for the smoking pine cones at the base of trees for fell cones. Ferocitas is in a tent there. Back to the village, collect rewards (the drop from Ferocitas is a container, and the item you are retrieving is inside it). Also, if you haven’t already, pick up: Syral Bladeleaf – Denalan’s Earth. Run S/SW to the east end of the lake.

Lake Al’Ameth

Denalan – Timberling Sprouts/Timberling Seeds. Kill timberlings, and open the containers for the other quest. Danalan – Relian Greenspyre. After a total 3-4 hours, you should be level 8, so back to Dolanaar to train.

You may choose to collect: Tallonkai Swiftroot – Twisted Hatred. This involves the Fell Cave, to the north of Dolanaar. Most of the mobs in the cave are casters, so you are likely to take a lot of damage if you don’t have a pet. The named mob you have to kill is level 8.

Also in Dolanaar collect: Corithras Moonrage – Crown of the Earth; Athridas Bearmantle – Relics of Wakening, and on the way west along the path: Moon Priestess Amara – the Road to Darnassus. Kill ambushers S/SW of where you met Amara. Further SW is Ban’ethil Barrow Den for the relics; you may want a group for this, but if several people are in the cave, you can probably reach all four chests solo easily enough. Mobs are 8 and 9 deep in. In there you should meet: Oben Rageclaw – The Sleeping Druid. At this point there is a small exp gap, and you have a choice how to close it: you can do the relics quest just mentioned, which is a little tough solo at 8, but ok in a group; move on to Oracle Glade, which has exactly the same problem at that level; or grind exp on kills without quests for half a level. The level 10 upgrades make these same tasks relatively easy solo. More comments on this below.

This will take you back to Dolanaar: Athridas – Ursal the Mauler; levl 12 mob (used to be an elite, I think). Head to Gnarlpine Hold in the far SW, and Ursal is in the far SW camp, up in the hills. There are two ways to reach Ursal: one is the frontal assault, killing your way through dozens of level 10 furbolg; the other is to take the path behind a tree to the north of his camp, and come out behind him. The latter way, you will have probably three to kill before Ursal. While you are there, fill the vial for Corithras, and west of there at a glowing tree (it looks like it is enclosed in a red/pink fountain, like the moonwells), get: Glowing Fruit. From there, return to Dolanaar and Lake Al’Ameth for Denalan: Corithras Moonrage – Crown of the Earth. This involves Oracle Glade in the NW, but we have some more quests to collect before we can go there. I was half way through 9 at this point, having skipped only Ursal.

Head west to:


On the way, there is a house north of the road with skinner and leatherworker trainers. You can get a skinning knife in Darnassus, in the first building north of the entry guards. A fishing trainer and vendors are also here, as is enchanting, tailoring – not sure about blacksmithing or mining.

Head to the NW sector. Now we complete an old quest, and collect a new quest: Rellian Greenspyre – Tumors. We also need to go to the far south for: Priestess A’moora – Tears of the Moon.

Before starting the next section, I wanted to be 10 and complete my class quest. So I had to spend half a level grinding, killing nightsabers for skinning, and spiders and owls for cooking. Aim to get at least skinning to 50 so that you can train the next level. The experience gap at this point is quite significant. Once you hit 10, you can start to use better arrows, so use this gap to run down the old poor arrows. I hadn’t looted any bags at all, extras can be bought for 5s (for 6 slots) in the first trader building south of the entry, if you don’t know a tailor.

Hunter Class Quest

The class quest for hunters involves taming three beasts – a webwood lurker, which are found around Dolanaar, a nightsaber stalker from south of the lake, and a strigid screecher, from close to Darnassus. Then run back to Darnassus for training with Jocaste. To get the necessary pet skills, you need to buy Growl (2 is all you need) from the pet trainer in Dolanaar, and you can learn Claw 2 from strigid hunters (on path towards Oracle Glade), and Bite 2 from webwood silkspinners (near Oracle Glade) or giant webwood spiders (but they are significantly higher level). Buying a stack of meat in Darnussus to help boost your pets loyalty would be a good move. Completing the quest gives over 50% of a level. Played time to this point was 6 hours.

Druid Class Quest

Any druid trainer in Teldrassil will send you to Darnassus, to Mathrengyl Bearwalker, one of the trainers in the druid tree. This guy will give you the Moonglade port spell, and tell you to talk to Dendrite Starblaze who then sends you to the Great Bear Spirit. Dendrite is in the house closest to the port in. The spirit is in the glade NW of the western road out of the village. You can return to your first contact, in the extreme NE of the village, using the port spell. The only way back to Darnassus is by flight path. The gryphon master is in the SW of the village.

Your next step is to go to Darkshore, through the portal west of the middle of the lake in Darnassus. Take the gryphon to Darkshore. From there, leave Auberdine by the road south, and fork left. The cave you want is due east of Auberdine, so use the map to check, and it is very close to the road. The moonkin there are 11 to 13, so this will be a problem if you don’t have a group, or if there is no one keeping the camp clear. Only one moonkin blocks the entrance, but several wander close by. The cave is empty, apart from the moonkin stone. Click your Cenarion Moondust, and Lunaclaw will pop outside, in the middle of the clearing. He is level 12. Root him and use your instacast damage over time spell to soften him up before getting into melee range. So far there has always been a higher group clearing the camp, so I don’t know what will happen with adds. When he is dead (you don’t have to kill him, anyone can and probably will), talk to the spirit that pops, then return to Darnassus to complete the quest. Any problems and you should abandon the quest and return to Darnassus for another try.

Oracle Glade

Leave Darnassus and head north, to the NW sector of the zone. Watch out for aggressive level 9 harpy casters, and most mobs here will be 8-10. Collect tumors from timberlings along Wellspring River, and look out for Blackmoss the Fetid. At the moonwell, fill a vial and collect: Sentinel Arynia Cloudsbreak – The Enchanted Glade. To the west are the harpies, as well as a glowing tree as in the SW: The Shimmering Frond. WNW of the well is Mist, for an escort quest. There are several chests to loot around the harpies. When you are done, go to the far north for Lady Sathrah. Mobs here are 10-11. She spawns in two places, at the head of the river, and can be on either side of it.

By this point you should be well into 11. Unfortunately, my hunter got caught by the bug of losing the Beast Training skills, and had to wait a couple of days to get petitions answered. If you have taken fishing, skinning, cooking and leatherwork, all should be at 50 or over.

Return to Darnassus to collect, then Denalan to collect, and get the final quest: Oakenscowl, a level 9 elite. He is at the far SW of the lake, in a mini-cave, close to the shore. Denalan will also send you to Darnassus for the head druid, Fandral Staghelm, at the top of the tree next to the hunter tree. Staghelm will send you to the Grove of the Ancients, in Auberdine, in Darkshore.

Rut’theran Village

When you are done here, head to Darnassus. Quest from the merchant close to the entry, Mydrannul – Nessa Shadowsong (in Rut’theran Village); then to the portal leading to Rut’theran Village in the west of Darnassus. There is a quest for the gryphon path in Rut’theran Village: Vesprystus – Flight to Auberdine.

Total played time: 12 hours, and level 12, close to 13. Play time was slightly skewed by the need to kill time on-line waiting for a GM. I’d guess at 10-11 hours as more realistic. If you wish, you can leave for Darkshore at level 10, rather than stay for the final quests, which can take some time to complete. In any case, move to Darkshore no later than 12. It will be most effective to get your first skill ups in skinning and cooking while still in Teldrassil, as using drops from Darkshore may need higher skill levels.


Cookery: Dolanaar, at the camp fire east of the inn.
First Aid: Dolanaar, north of the inn.
Fishing: Darnassus.
Herbalism, Alchemy: Dolanaar, east of the inn.
Tailoring: Darnassus.
Skinning, Leatherwork: on the road to Darnassus just past the bridge, before the turn to Oracle Glade.
Mining, Blacksmithing, Engineering: none here; try Auberdine.
Enchanting: at the Oracle Glade, or in Darnassus.

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