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WoW Newbie Quest Guide – Night Elf, Darkshore

You can start here at level 10, with the Buzzbox, fishing and cooking (Easy Strider Living) quests, moving to Bashal’Aran and Ameth’Aran as you level, although I started at 12. Look up quests on Allakhazam or Thottbot for details. Also … Continue reading

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Darkmoon Faire

Condensed information from Allakhazam. Collection Quests: These quests open up according to reputation, and possibly level. So there is a max number of each type of item that can be handed in, before the final version of each type. General: … Continue reading

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Lunar Festival

Quest giver outside bank in Ironforge sends you to Mystic Ward. Lunar Fireworks – buy 8 fireworks and 2 clusters, and use them. The reward is some Cenarion Circle faction, and an invite to Moonglade (Valadar Starsong). The invitation lasts … Continue reading

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Blacksmithing – BS Quests

The title is the way it is for a reason. Low Level Quests Tormus Deepforge, Ironforge – Supplying the Front. Reward is the recipe for Copper Chain Vest, which is also a reasonably common drop, and therefore cheap at the … Continue reading

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Azshara (Alliance)

The first two quests are from the flight path, right where you enter Azshara from Ashenvale. Loh’atu – A Land Filled with Hatred 47 Loh’atu – Spiritual Unrest 48 The mobs for these are the undead, north of the road, … Continue reading

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From Loch Modan Start off in Thelsamar by collecting: Mountaineer Kadrell – Report to Mountaineer Rockgar. Rockgar is in Loch Modan, just before the entrance to Wetlands. He gives you: Mountaineer Rockgar – The Algaz Gauntlet. You need to kill … Continue reading

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Un’Goro Crater

Before you arrive, pick up in Gadgetzan: Tran’rek – Super Sticky. The entry point is to the south west of Tanaris, just north of the cactus area, and south of the insect part. The ramp down to Un’goro is marked … Continue reading

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Paladin Talent Builds (old)

These are pre-1.9. From EU Paladin, forums, posted by Calgor: A bump + some more talent info: Disclaimer: Disagree if you so wish, I don’t claim to be an expert. These builds are partly built from own experience, partly from … Continue reading

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Ashenvale, Night Elf

I’m assuming that this is being pursued by a Night Elf character, just out of Darkshore. Another assumption is that this is PvE, and not on a PvP server. You will have entered Ashenvale on The Sleeper Awakens quest, and … Continue reading

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