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Moving towards a typographic user interface

There’s a lot of noise about the iOS7 UI, unsurprisingly. Some nuts are screaming about betrayal, and kill the fanboys; also, unsurprisingly. For me, some things I like, some I don’t – some of the icons look too stripped back, the font grates on me; but that’s because similar ultra light fonts have already been […]

Learn lisp

I’m a big proponent of the #pragprog adage that you should learn a new programming language every year, but I have sadly lacking at putting it into practice, despite having an early advantage (BASIC, Fortran, Algol 60, APL, Pascal, Forth, COBOL, , IBM assembler, 6502 assembler, etc). Then in the early 90s I had started […] Word List

Here is a little utility to assist solving Letterpress games.  It comes largely (almost entirely) from an article on Stack Overflow.  It uses /usr/share/dict/words for the word list, and requires a initial stage to convert this into an anagram dictionary for efficiency.  Even so, it still takes a minute to run on my recent iMac.

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Hiring – how to ignore the guidelines and get it right

I’ve been a hiring manager for twenty years (low ’80s to low ’00s), but I haven’t done any hiring in the last (almost) decade, and I’m disappointed how things have changed in the software industry over that period. I was hiring for technical support and programmer positions, ranging from IBM assembler and mainframe MVS experience […]

SOE Status: iPhone app for monitoring SOE game servers

SOE Status is in the App Store now ( Link is to the UK store, US store link is: This takes the data from the new SOE status page at and displays it on your phone; you can select data for a single game and refresh that display if you wish. It runs […]


Pragmatic Thinking and Learning, by Andy Hunt

Recent reading has included “Pragmatic Thinking and Learning” by Andy Hunt, from @progprog. Most interestingly, it covers almost exclusively topics that I have absorbed over the last 30 years or so – meditation, context switching, personality types, left/right brain thinking, mind maps, GTD, and so on. I didn’t realise that I knew so much!

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