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my bread, Jim Lahey

There’s been a lot of buzz about Jim Lahey’s techniques over the last couple of years.  There’s no doubt that he’s a dedicated baker, and that his approach is worth considering; not least because it’s a set of simple rules that will give more consistent results, and good results, than a novice baker can hope […]

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Bread Matters, Andrew Whitley

If you bake bread, then you will be in sympathy with what Andrew Whitley has to say. The author rants extensively about the state of the industry, and the depredations to our palate caused by the Chorleywood process with no signs of abatement. He informs this with an eye to the biochemistry of baking that […]

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Mary Berry's Ultimate Cake Book

I bought this book a few weeks ago because it seemed to be close enough to being an important reference book for English cake baking. On that basis, it comes close, but doesn’t win. As a large compendium of English baking, it is very good. Since then, I have baked my way through about a […]

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Books about Bread

I promised to give my suggestions on books about break making. Down below I list a few books that are absolutely first rate, with every aspect showing a deep understanding. Further down I add a few extra books that have helped me along the way, although they may not be as comprehensive as the first […]

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Bread Making Tips

First, some background: I think the first time I made bread I was about eight. I can remember doing the shopping for my mother, and buying a ‘bloomer’ from the local bakers in Hayes, or from Parkers in West Ealing; and the special treat of having the top off a cottage loaf. The bread I […]

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