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Twitter enable your app with XAuth!

Community enabling an application can be a pain – far harder than it needs to be. One of the biggest reasons for this problem is OAuth. Requiring a mobile application to open an 800×500 html window is unrealistic, exacerbated by graphic designers who think that a web page is the answer to every problem (remember […]

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Adding iAd to Your Projects

I noticed that there is no official sample code for including iAd banners in your projects. Knowing Apple “version zero” demoware, I thought it might be a good idea to build a small project to evaluate iAd.

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iOS 4 Impact

I’ve just finished the first stage of one app port to iOS 4. I have to say that it has been a very rocky road, with the first announcement and beta some months back, followed by the very late announcement of iPhone 4 at WWDC. Let’s look at the timings and implications… and I’m going […]

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iPad impact – for developers

I did a review last week of the iPad release, based on the Programming Guide and Human Interface Guidelines, for a customer. The aim was to find out what changes I would have to make to their iPhone application; this post is to give my impressions, on that very brief survey, of what changes developers […]

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iPhone app – Huddle

Huddle is a network of Online workspaces that brings project management software, online collaboration and document sharing together. I’m putting this up as the support URL pro tem for Huddle.

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