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Simple AJAX for WebObjects – without Project Wonder

Probably the simplest Ajax effect that I can think of that is desirable to add to web applications is to cause login boxes to “shake”, just like real computer login panels do, on a failed login. This is one of the few situations where a simple animation effect (too simple to qualify for Ajax, really) […]

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Search and Replace

This is more complex than it needs to be, for unobvious reasons. The problem, succinctly stated, is implementing regular expressions with Java. For historical WebObjects reasons, I have not had easy access to a regexp library. Java people have used the open source JEdit libraries to implement regular expressions, but with WebObjects this was too […]

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Decision tables, when to use

This is genuine 1960s technology, but it moves forward into 1970s technology (OOP) very well. Here’s the situation: you have a combination of two variables that need checking; for an example, perhaps an object has a status flag with a few different states, like failed, on hold, incomplete and registered – and you need to […]

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Java date arithmetic

I am used to using the old (deprecated) WebObjects NSTimestamp class to do basic arithmetic on dates; it was easy with one method call to add an arbitrary number of days/weeks and get the correct date, or even to calculate the difference between two dates. In the new (release 5.0, so not that new) world […]

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Better, Faster, Lighter Java

I saw this title in a press release from O’Reilly, and was intrigued by the description. For the last few years I have been letting myself concentrate almost entirely on WebObjects, and along the way I have acquired a few programming habits as I have matured as a programmer. This book seemed to embody them […]

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Thinking In Java

by Bruce Eckel. I have been recommending this to my students since I came across the downloadable version of the first edition, which was probably around 2000. Since then I seem to have updated to a copy of the second edition, and I see on Bruce’s web site that a third edition is now available. […]

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