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Spam and more spam

When I first set up the junkmail accounts on MacOS X Server, I came across some web pages describing problems that people had been having with it. Details are also given here: Probably the most visible problem was that the spamassassin configuration file supplied used obsolete keywords, from a previous version. This is /etc/mail/spamassassin/ […]

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Migrating Mail

My current server runs FreeBSD, sendmail, and cyrus IMAP. I experimented with an old (more than 5 years) webmail package, but that hasn’t been in use for some time. It has a procmail mailer of my own devising to handle some primitive spam filtering, but that really doesn’t cut it any more. Moving to MacOS […]

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Mail Autoresponders (vacation)

MacOS X has had some strange changes made to it recently. Take vacation, for instance. I believe that the version used by MacOS X came from the sendmail distribution, which is perhaps the reason that it has vanished from recent versions of MacOS X. The net effect is that creating a simple autoreply vacation message […]

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Asterisk: enabling email

The basic configuration I described will work successfully; however, there are a number of features that you may want to enable. For example, accepting incoming faxes to email, and automatic sending of voicemail messages by email. The problem is that the default hostname of an AAH server is asterisk1.local, and most mail servers will reject […]

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