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iPhone developer tip – image sizes

I’m going to jot down a few notes about image sizes for iPhone apps – these facts are hard to unearth, and I haven’t yet found them all together in place; hence this post.  I will update this if I find out any more.

For most purposes, an iPhone app uses png format images; however the App Store submission is required to use a jpg/tiff image.

1. Main Logo – 57×57 – PNG

2. Tab bar icons – 30×30 – PNG (and 24 x 24, by another source).  Mid-grey with a transparent background

3. App Store Icons – 512×512 – TIFF or JPEG

4. Default.png (Default launch page image, ‘Primary Screenshot’) – 320×460  JPEG or TIFF (480 if you include the status bar).  (Apple docs say the image must be jpeg, but various forums say jpeg or png)

Other images and sizes that I can think of – full screen size (320×480), status bar height (20), nav bar height, default table cell height, table cell image, table cell accessory.

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