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I like Python. It’s a scripting language, in a similar vein to Perl. However, to steal an analogy from someone else, where Perl is executable line-noise, Python is executable pseudocode.

It’s an easy language to get into. Its most immediately visible difference from, say, C or Java is that it doesn’t use semi-colons or {}. Rather, all code is blocked out by way of indentation. Perhaps it’s just me being new at this, but it felt strange to write a program and not have it give a cryptic error message that I eventually traced to a missed semi-colon.

The main virtues of Python, however, are its extreme committment to object oriented programming (quite literally everything is an object, which seems to make some tasks much easier), its large standard library, and its very powerful list datatype.

Above all, it seems to result in understandable and maintainable programs. Which is nice.


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