Each “question” under this grouping is the name of an expansion.  The answer tries to give the main changes that happened during the life of each expansion.  Some changes happened at the start of the expansion, others towards the end.  If you are a returning player, just scan through the questions from the last expansion you remember playing.

There are also some NPCs on the north side of the Plane of Knowledge who can brief you on what has changed (in game).

Request for help: if you read this and can think of anything that I misplaced, or just plain forgot to add, please let me know.

  1. Rating: +2

    Everquest Classic

  2. Rating: +2

    Ruins of Kunark

  3. Rating: +5

    Shadows of Luclin

  4. Rating: +1

    Scars of Velious

  5. Planes of Power

  6. Rating: +1

    Legacy of Ykesha

  7. Lost Dungeons of Norrath

  8. Gates of Discord

  9. Omens of War

  10. Rating: +2

    Dragons of Norrath

  11. Depths of Darkhollow

  12. Prophecy of Ro

  13. The Serpent's Spine

  14. The Buried Sea

  15. Rating: +1

    Secrets of Faydwer

  16. Seeds of Destruction

  17. Rating: +1


  18. House of Thule

  19. Veil of Alaris

  20. Rain of Fear

  21. Call of the Forsaken

  22. Rating: +1

    The Darkened Sea

  23. Rating: +1

    The Broken Mirror

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