Everquest: The Newbie Zone FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Everquest


Minor Reorganisation

I have made some small adustments, which mostly consist of moving questions from General to "Getting Started". The categories are unchanged, although I'd like to see if in future there is some way of splitting General, possibly by creating a specific "Returning to Everquest" category, or splitting out social from game mechanics questions.

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EQ Atlas

While the site EQAtlas is missing, I have updated my link to show Muse's shopping site for the maps PDF.

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Up and running!

I have loaded the site with basic information, which comes from my head (mostly), and from a scan of the first few pages of TNZ, plus the first 5 pages and last 20 pages of the Returning Players FAQ thread.

This has been updated with links from Thulack's links thread, the EQPlayers Links page, and Zatozia's thread about updating the links.  Not everything has gone in - so, regrettably, no EQAtlas (yet), as it isn't of great use these days - I may change my mind about that, though, just from nostalgia value.

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