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Released December 15 2009.

This expansion content is strictly for level 85 characters with 1k+ AAs, and SoD tier 3 group gear or better.

There are two new features independent of the content: an Extended Target window, and the start of an Achievements system. TBS spells are now researchable, and there are new tradeskill recipes.

Achievements are in three groups: General (level, AAs, epics, skills), Tradeskills (skill level) and Underfoot. In theory this could be extended back to PoP flagging.

The Extended target window has five slots, which are configurable. By default it will show all mobs (or up to five) that have aggro on your group.

The main content for entry level characters are the Boomerang missions in Brell's Rest; you can participate from level 60.

Further content was released as part of Underfoot in April 2010. This will be one additional zone for end-game players (Convorteum); as well as new AAs.

In June 2010, dps mercs were added - melee (rogue) and spell (wizard) damage types.

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  1. Emar says:

    The last time I had max level ccaeahtrrs in EQ the level cap was 65. I had two ccaeahtrrs at the cap then for about a year, until the level cap went to 70 and I got into EQ2 beta at around the same time. When I next went back to EQ I went back to a different server and never quite caught up to the level cap again. My current highest level was sitting just a couple of levels off the pace at 83rd for ages, and I did think she’d get to 85th but in the end the cap went to 90 before that happened. She did, however, finally ding 84th during this recent doubble xp weekend. I am leaving her at that for now and concentrating on AAs, which are sitting woefully around the 300 mark. And of course there are the 20+ other ccaeahtrrs to be levelled too

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