House of Thule

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Release date 12 October, 2010. Main features are an increase in level cap to 90, expanded inventory slots (potentially 20 slots in a container), and player housing.

Details: 800 new AAs, housing includes trophies (in-game stat increases), 18 new raids, 13 new zones (all for 85+), 450 new spells, 17 missions and 120 quests.

Run speed spells now can be cast in a dungeon (but not mounts).

Changes during the year:

AA experience bonus increased dramatically (x5 at low AA), to cap at 2,500 AAs. Player characters now give extra exp in a group; mercs count the same as players used to (so group exp still increases with mercs, just not as much).

Experience on Zek and Firiona Vie was upped to +50%, and the character limit on FV was removed.

NPCs no longer enrage (but pets still do).

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