Where are my characters?

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Look on eqplayers, and search under your character name. They should still be there. You don't need to have an active account to log in.

If they aren't: they may be an a different server. Characters were moved when servers were merged. Only characters under level 6 that hadn't been played for more than six months at the time of the mergers (February 2005) were deleted. Characters on a new server where a character already existed with the same name will have had "x"s added to the end of their names - several, in some cases (I had a character with three x's). Renamed characters can /petition for a free name change.

If you gave your log on details to anyone else, then you shouldn't be surprised if your characters are missing, moved, deleted or just stripped.

Deleted characters can be restored, even after a remarkably long time. Just ask very nicely (in /petition).

Current servers Merged from
Luclin Stromm, Veeshan
Drinal Tarew Marr, Maelin Starpyre, Vazaelle
Xegony Zebuxoruk, Druzzil Ro, Xev, The Combine, The Sleeper
Bristlebane Solusek Ro, The Tribunal, Ayonae Ro
Cazic-Thule Brell Serilis, Fennin Ro, Torvonnilous, Faceless (Japanese), Tranquil (Japanese)
Bertoxxulous Tholuxe Paells, Saryrn, Mathaniel Marr
Tunare E'ci, The Seventh Hammer, Lanys T'Vyl, Mayong
The Rathe Karana, Prexus, Terris-Thule
Povar Morden Rasp, Quellious, Rodcet Nife
Erollisi Marr Morell-Thule, The Nameless, Innoruuk
Antonius Bayle Kane Bayle, Venril Sathir, Sebilis (French), Kael Drakkal (German)
Zek Sullon Zek, Rallos Zek, Tallon Zek, Vallon ZekPvP
Firiona Vie RP server
Fippy Darkpaw Time Limited Progression
Vulak A'err Time Limited Progression

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