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So you want to return, but can't remember your password or account name? You should contact customer support either by phone or by chat, during PST/PDT office hours. Be polite and helpful, and have as much information as possible. Try to have your account name, password, names of characters, CD key(s), payment details (like the credit card number you used to open the account), and anything else that they are likely to have access to. The CSRs can be flexible in what they will accept as proof of ownership.

As usual, if you gave away or sold your account, respect the people who may be playing your characters now.

It is worth the effort to recover your account, as you earn Veteran awards for each year you have subscribed; the first reward is 30 minutes of double experience every 20 hours.

See What are Veteran rewards?.

10 Responses to “Lost account details”

  1. joshua wall says:

    Dont remeber my account name or info my dad recently got his account back greaseslick was his players name only 1 i can remeber for sure of mine was a frog toon called *darkvengance was a warrior i believe also had a ..want to say skaar Warrior mid lv 50s but honestly best thing i can say is my dads email is how he got his stuff back I remeber his email address but not the password and idk what email we used 10 years ago for my own account ..So ill go with [removed] is the email i know he had besides that couldnt say which server or what not honestly =/

    • joshua wall says:

      appearntly the lizard race is called iskar lol ..forgot naturaly also believe i had a 2nd iskaar a shadow night mighta been my highest not sure ..dont remeber their names naturaly If yal can track down *dark vengence or vengance ..not sure howi spelled it ..tis a froglok bout all i can remeber except for the email [removed] dads email not mine though i wouldnt mind geting my own account info back im not gona try and guess at my alts names because meh i dont remeber lol

  2. Borek says:

    If you contact SOE CS with the details you have (I have edited out your email address to save you from some spam), you should be able to get your account back.

    • joshua wall says:

      thnx lol only issue is now how to contact them

        • zak thorpe says:

          Hello i can’t remember the email adress i used for my everquest main account or my password, funny thing is i changed the password a while ago from what it was but i can still play since i dont need my password it is saved ^_^ so i can still play i just can’t buy the new expansion =S i think i have the cd keys to some of my previous everquest expansions if that helps <3

          • Borek says:

            If you contact SOE CS with the info you have, they should be able to help (see comment below for support contact info).

  3. Richard Hill says:

    I played ages ago and would like to re-enter the world to see if I still enjoy spending time in Norrath lol. I was a young kid as it was more than 10 years ago I think since I last played (I am 25 now, and quit playing around the time I got my license probably) and don’t have the card I used any more, nor can I quite recall the account name despite my best efforts (think I have the text maybe but not numbers I put at end?) and remember nothing but a few character names, and I think the server I used to play on maybe. Is there any possibility of me getting back where I left off or am I starting square one here? I had a lot of time and money invested in the game (for a then teenager anyways) and getting back those characters, while I’m sure useless in the grand scheme of things now (given level cap when I left was 70 iirc and I wasn’t even there on any of them I don’t think, quit right) their sentimental value would be immense to me.

  4. Raiyn Ominouscloud says:

    Wow you guys have horrible memories, or didn’t play much. I created my first character in 1999 and I still remembered my account name and all my main characters. I had to call my bank to get the cc info though.

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