What is “Classic”?

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You will see posts on TNZ asking about "Classic Everquest", or sometimes "Progression". These usually come from posters with a board class of "General", which means that they don't have a current subscription, and can only post in TNZ and the support sections.

"Classic" can generally be understood as referring to original Everquest (correctly known as "Everquest Classic"), plus the initial expansions: Kunark and Velious. Some posters may include Luclin and PoP in this list, but not all.

These are people who played Everquest in 1999 - 2002, and would like to see a version released with old style graphics and limited to those expansions, and with all of the more recent changes to make the game easier to play (such as potions, mercs, out of combat regen and improved user interfaces) removed, as well as old drops and other changes restored. There is no general agreement on the exact list of changes expected.

"Progression" refers to a special rules server that starts with Everquest Classic, limited to level 50, but otherwise with modern updates included. After a period of time, and/or after some achievements such as raids killing the top mobs of the expansion, the next expansion is made available. When SOE created such servers, many people considered that new expansions were unlocked too fast, and they wanted a time lock.

Many of these posters have been extremely abusive to current players, or post details of illegal servers. This is probably the main reason that, when SOE held a poll of current subscribers, a new Progression server was voted down in favour of a 51/50 server (Mayong).

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  1. Jesryl says:

    I wrote a post yesterday but for some resaon not showing up today one i play eq1 and 2 loved eq1 and was really starting to like eq2 until soe started changeing the game when peeps started crying that it’s to hard i hate to have to go get my soul when i die crafting takes to long quest r to long i want to be able to solo i dont want to have to grp all that crying and what did soe do change the hole game just to make very one happy.If u want to solo your way to lvl 80 then go play wow if u want easy quest with great reward then play wow.Soe needs to stick with what they started off with and stop changeing everything just because u get some peeps crying about how hard it is i like it hard i like haveing to get my soul for getting my ass killed infact it made me play better and think about what i was doing but now it does not matter if u get killed to it i fault proud when i did a quest like claymore and finished it but now all the quest i easy most r solo.Eqnext will be a really good game if the stick to what made eq1 so great and stop trying to please everyone

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