When should I AA?

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Whenever you want to. However, contrary to opinion when AAs were much harder to get than now, it is worth getting AAs as you level - how many is your decision.

You can start collecting AAs at level 51. Most people recommend that you should go either 100% AA, or 100% level - that means that you will hit your next objective, be it AA or level, faster. Others prefer to go for a gentle split, like 60% AA, which means that they will have roughly as many AAs as they need to spend each time they level.

At 51, there are only 3 AAs worth buying - Innate Run Speed. As a rough indicator, you will want to spend around 50 - 60 at level 55, then around 200 more between 59 and 65, excluding the GoD AAs, which can take you up to 400 - 500 at 65. That's enough to buy more or less all useful AAs at each level, which isn't essential. Then at 70, you could easily buy between 700 - 1,100 in total. Most classes max out at over 3,000 AAs in total at 85, then 9k at 95, with considerable variation between classes.

Without being too specific, it is usually better to collect AAs at the lowest level possible, as mobs are relatively easier to kill at lower levels and in older expansions, and the first ranks of AAs give much more improvement to your character.

SOE devs have said that they based the higher tiers of SoF on a character at level 75 with 500 AAs, and SoD on a level 80 with 1,000 AAs. That would be for anything beyond the entry zones (DSH/Loping Plains in SoF), Oceangreen Hills/Village and Bloody Kithicor for SoD.

There is a sliding scale for AA experience. This was originally set so that 1 AA required the same number of experience points as going from level 50 to 51 (I think), but was revised at various times, starting from the release of TSS. During TBS a sliding scale was introduced, such that a character with 0 AA gained AA experience at 225% the rate of a character with 750 or more AA. This cap was raised to 1,000 AA when SoD was released. At the release of HoT the AA scale started from 500% and decays linearly to 100% at 2,500 AA.

There are some large jumps in power due to gear at various levels (80, 85 etc). Without AAs, you would still lack key class skills granted by AAs; and would still be significantly weaker than a character with a more reasonably amount of AA.

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  1. Riny says:

    From what i’ve read, the pally’s have access to their LayOnHands at lvl 1 thru the AA window. Haven’t confirmed it myself…. It would be nice if true, to list any other AAs accessible prior to lvl 51.

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