Spirit Shrouds

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There's a guide to spirit shrouds on Druid's Grove, although it is a little hard to read.

In short: shrouds allow you to change your character to a special type, between level 5 and 70, in 5 level increments. They have a fixed set of gear, and have abilities that may loosely correspond to classes in Everquest. Because of the field gear, they are typically much less powerful than the equivalent player class.

Shrouds have some use for some special missions, for becoming a rogue (for sneak/hide), or an enchanter (for charm), etc.

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  1. Mark Lagace says:

    The link on this page (Spirit Shrouds) leads to a page not found error. I believe the link has moved since the druid’s grove has changed forum software. A quick google search suggests that this is the link you are looking for:

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