How can I install Everquest?

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Just go to, and click on the link "Download the game". Then run the resulting exe. This is a relatively small binary that will download the full game, so make sure that you have enough bandwidth to download 10+ GB at the point when you run that first download.

For nostalgia's sake, this is how we used to do it:

The fastest and simplest way is to install Everquest Launchpad. Another option is to use Station Launcher, but this is being deprecated. Or, if you are looking for the Everquest trial, see Escape to Norrath installer.

You can also install Everquest on a new computer by copying the installation directory from another computer via a USB memory stick, hard drive, or DVD.

If all else isn't possible, just a copy of the Everquest patcher (everquest.exe) is sufficient to bootstrap an install. This can be downloaded from the SOE Everquest KnowledgeBase; the instructions are given below:

Use this link to download the file to your Desktop:

  • Create a new folder for your EverQuest game to be installed into:
    • Double-click on My Computer
    • Double-click on Local Disk (C) (You may need to click on "Show the contents of this disk")
    • Click on FILE-->New-->Folder (at the top of the window) and name the folder EverQuest (make sure this ISN'T in Program Files)
  • Move the patcher into the EverQuest folder by double-clicking on
  • Right-click on EverQuest.exe and choose "Cut"
  • Switch to the EverQuest directory you just made, and right-click inside it. Choose "Paste"
  • Right-click on EverQuest.exe that is now inside the EverQuest folder you just made, and choose "Send to Desktop (create shortcut)"
  • Delete the file from your Desktop, then double-click on Shortcut to EverQuest.exe
  • This will patch all of the files for you.

The slowest way to install Everquest is to install it from an old CD or DVD set. This is because almost all of the files will have to be patched individually by the patcher (Everquest.exe).

See also the question: I have installed Everquest, but it doesn't work. What now?

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  1. Borek says:

    See this FAQ: I have installed Everquest but it doesn’t work. What now?. If that doesn’t cure it you should try chat/email as they suggest to report your problem to SOE.

  2. Usher-102 says:

    * ERROR *: Corrupt or missing file on update server.
    If the problem persists, email

    this is what i reciece as a notice.

  3. luy says:

    Unable to download HTTP::Exception::UnhandledResponse: Bad Request (400 – –

    This is what I get everytime i try to install a SOE game…

  4. erin says:

    worthless outdated broken links..thanx or nuttin

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