How to buy Everquest?

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This isn't relevant now that Everquest is free to play, but I like the rant, so it's staying here for my amusement.

So you have decided to buy Everquest, and you've gone through the ordeal of Googling "buy everquest", and found nothing there, and skipped all the SOE ads for Everquest II (no relation). Let's start from Everquest Universe. Click the Everquest banner, and you should see "Underfoot - Buy Now!". There are also links to Downloads, "Try It Now", and another bunch of unrelated SOE games.

To buy Everquest, you can start either with the "Underfoot - Buy Now!" link, or at the Station Store (both take you to the same place). Look at the Digital Downloads header, and click on the Everquest icon underneath it. Log in to Station; if you don't have a Station account, you will need to create one; it's required to play the game, so no harm done.

There are two options under Bundles: Underfoot - All-In-One, and Everquest Starter Pack. The former option gets you what you need - everything. The latter option you can skip: it is everything up to and including Seeds of Destruction, missing the current expansion. The prices that I see are £27.99 and £14.99 respectively. Underfoot is mainly for characters that have completed all previous expansions, so are level 85 with a set of gear from SoD, so you may prefer the cheaper option. Those prices are a good deal, by the way.

The Station Store is excruciatingly slow, and navigation is awkward. If you mis-click anywhere, you have to start over. Digital Download items (and subscriptions) don't go through the shopping cart mechanism, so don't imagine that will help you - I crashed out to a blank page when I tried that.

If you have successfully checked out, congratulations! But it's not over. To install, assuming you don't have Everquest installed already, you need the Station Launcher.

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