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Special rules servers are Zek, Firiona Vie, Fippy, Vulak and Test. The European server is Antonius Bayle. Most posted recommendations are for new/returning players to start on Luclin or Xegony (but I'm not sure it really matters much).
this tells us little about population at different level ranges; it makes more sense to check for the level span you are interested in.

Currently, the server with the highest active population is Fippy, but as a special rules server (Time Limited Progression, with very slow solo experience and mercs not available for a few years to come), it won't be for everyone. Fippy and Vulak are also the newest servers. More recently the population levels seem to have fallen back towards a more typical level (but still high).

Zek is the PvP server, and probably has the lowest overall population. It has a 50% experience bonus.

Firiona Vie is designated as the "role playing" server, although not a lot of that goes on. It doesn't have a "Common" language, so new starters need to learn other languages - Elvish is the generally preferred language. There is also no "/ooc" channel. Most drops are tradeable, which with a little thought will explain why FV is the plat seller server. FV also has a 50% experience bonus.

Players on Test get double experience all the time, which stacks (additively) with Lesson of the Devoted and experience potions, have all expansions and veteran rewards on all characters, and get to play during more patches than those on regular servers. You can copy your character from any normal server to Test (including from FV) by typing "/testcopy". There is also a "/testbuff" command that makes your character level 25 with three bags of gear, all spells and max skills (not trade skills); this command doesn't work in the Tutorial zone.

You can't transfer characters away from special rules servers.

Most regular servers have a decent population, which has been more or less stable (with seasonal fluctuations) since servers were merged during early 2005 (Dragons of Norrath era). Devs (Rashere in 2007) have posted that they consider a server with over 10k active characters to be overpopulated, and that no two regular servers (at the time) merged would result in a viable server (so the merger of the two lowest population servers would give over 10k population). Back when server numbers were shown at the server select screen for logged in characters, numbers were rarely over 2k per server. Note that these are clearly two different measures of population being used.

All regular servers have EST based guilds raiding current end game content. You can find lists of raiding guilds here. There are a few Oceania players in a couple of guilds (eg Terror Australis on The Rathe, and Wreckers on Bertoxxulous).

If you want to evaluate a server, this is what you can do. First create a dummy character. Check the population at your preferred play time in the following zones (/who): Mines of Gloomingdeep, Plane of Knowledge, Guild Lobby, Bazaar and Crescent Reach. Also check out conversation in /ooc in each of these zones. Check conversation and population (/list) in /general, /newplayers and /general1. Most servers should have a full /general channel at peak times (200 characters), but remember that many, possibly most, characters don't join this channel. Also check the guild notice boards in the Guild Lobby.

There may be independent server forums; I suggest you ask Google if the links on the right don't work or are missing for your server.

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  1. Ragilex says:

    For the Firona Vie server, do you know any way I can learn elvish like Sindarin

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