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What to do when you first log in? Credit to a SOE TNZ forum thread: Settings question.

Assuming that you have Everquest correctly installed, with DX9 and patches, and have downloaded and installed the maps, then create your first character and do the following... (this is what I do, you may prefer different set up)

EQ menu -> Options, General tab. Turn off "Target Click Shows Help", turn off "Allow Auto-duck", turn on "Auto Consent" options (Group/Raid/Guild). Go to Display tab turn off "Show My Helm", turn "Fade-to Transparency" to 20%. Set "open tradeskill container" to ctrl-right-click (so that a normal right click will open it as a plain container). Go to Keys tab, select Target drop down, and set the "Toggle last two targets" keypress to TAB. In the Mail tab, turn on "Forward mail", and in the Voice tab, "Disable Voice Chat" (it is mostly broken).

Right click the title bar of your "Main Chat" window, and set on "Always Chat Here", and Channel->Group, then select "New Chat Window". In the new window, rename it to "Spam", then set Filters->Spells->ALL and Filters->Melee->ALL.

Type in:

/autojoin newplayers,general
/assist off

Press alt-j, then click the "Enable Journal" button to disable the journal.

Open the Potion Belt window (shift-P).

If you have Veteran awards, then in the EQ button, click Actions->Hotkeys 2 to open a second horizontal hotbar, and press v to open your AA window, go to the Special tab, and (if you have them), put on the new bar Lesson of the Devoted, Steadfast Servant, Staunch Recovery and Throne of Heroes.

On your first hotkey bar, create buttons for /assist, /open (useful in the tutorial), and any class specific actions such as forage, hide, sneak, track or throw stone. To create a new hotkey, press ctrl-a to select actions, or ctrl-o to create a "Social" macro. Left-click and hold to create a button that can be dropped onto your hotkey bar. Or you can right click in a hotbar where you would like the macro to go, and follow the menus to enter it there.

2 Responses to “Initial setup”

  1. Faith Dewberry says:

    Thanks for the article.Really thank you! Really Cool.

  2. Ahmed says:

    The two reasons I didn’t stay in EQ2 after six weeks of play (free trial + free month with pauchrse) last year:1) Just way too deserted at low levels. Maybe I chose my server poorly, maybe it’s because I’m not playing in the US timezone (I’m Australian), but it was pretty close to a single-player game for the entire time I played.2) I’m a bit bored of the select target, attack, press buttons on the button bar style of MMO combat, and on top of that, I thought EQ2 s implementation was on the weak side. My Brigand had about a dozen abilities.. but it felt like the only reason they were there was because they all had short cooldowns. Combat seemed to almost without exception involve me pressing 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0, loot, move on to the next mob.Between those two factors, I wasn’t inclined to renew my subscription for another month. Not a bad game, by any means, but just not enough to hold my interest in a competitive genre.

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