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Everquest launched as F2P on March 16, 2012. There have been some changes made to the game in support of this change, as well as special rules that apply to free accounts. See the SOE FAQ for details.

Current subscribers are classed as "Gold" tier under the new scheme. $15 per month, 8 character slots per server, 10 bag slots, 2 shared bank slots, etc. Gold users also have access to in-game support (/petition), and the two TLP servers (Fippy and Vulak). Recurring subs (not month-by-month) get 500 Station Cash per month. Only Gold accounts can use "prestige items", which are high end group and raid items from recent expansions, as well as most augments (!), although not hot zone augs.

All previous subscribers and trial accounts are "Silver" tier.

All accounts are given House of Thule for free, no need to buy extra expansions just to play. Rain of Fear must be bought if you want to access its content or features - like level 90+, clicking items in bags, or to purchase the new guild halls. You can buy RoF as Free or Silver, not just Gold, and you will retain access to all features and content even if you switch plans.

All Free and Silver accounts can also use only rank 1 spells (level 71+). They also receive some forms of in-game advertising, as well as a browser window pop-up when exiting. In the Bazaar, F2P accounts can buy, but they can't sell as a trader, not can they sell to a broker. Use of housing/guild halls/guilds is unrestricted, although you can't place items in guild halls. Some chat functions are unavailable to Free players. F2P characters can only start in Crescent Reach.

Free accounts are restricted to 250 AAs, 30 Loyalty points per week and Apprentice tier 1/2 mercenaries.

There are other restrictions on house/guild hall/guild ownership and use of the "broker" function in the Bazaar (setting a character in the Bazaar as a buyer), and also on use of mail and chat functions, as you might expect.

Silver accounts can have 1,000 AAs, 60 Loyalty points per week, and any Apprentice mercenaries (but not the better Journeyman ones).

You can convert a Free account to Silver for $5, or the equivalent in Station Cash. Any previous subscribers or purchasers of any expansion will automatically be Silver, and any previously created characters will be allowed , provided they were created before February 29, 2012.

Some, but not all, restrictions can be unlocked through a purchase; this works through a Station Cash purchase in the marketplace. You can't unlock Prestige items.

Content Changes

When you use the find command, as well as seeing a wisp trail in game, there will also show a trail on the map. You can also create a destination for your wisp by right clicking on the map. Zone lines have been added to the find command and you can request zone to zone paths, including Hero's Journey zones, your bind point, and various other options.

Player made maps will be stored in separate directories that won't be over written.

You can now search individual zones for specific label text.

The Mines of Gloomingdeep tutorial quests have been revised, with 13 new tutorials added and an overarcing task, and a new tutorial NPC in the Plane of Knowledge, located near the Loyalty NPC (near the Crescent Reach stone), which covers topics like AAs, power sources, etc.

The Hero's Journey (sometimes called Golden Path) is a development of the Achievement system, starting with quests in TSS zones - Crescent Reach onwards, which has 5 new achievements added. It is mostly existing quests, but with improved spawn and drop rates, and some rewards have been adjusted (up to level 80 quests). It will take you up to level 80 through TSS, Dragonscale Hills, the Buried Sea and Seeds of Destruction. There are some achievements for things like the Dragons of Norrath progression, the Skull of Den Lord Rakban from Depths of Darkhollow, Breakdown in Communications (GoD), Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Hand (TBS), and the augment quests (from SoD, and SoF one as well).

On first login (or zoning out of the tutorial zone), players will received a book on their cursor. This you should keep and it will give you level appropriate information about Hero's Journey zones, quests and starting NPCs.

Further Questions and Answers

Some extra information has been released by SOE, mostly in a discussion thread on the forums. I have condensed the answers given mainly by Piestro. If something isn't here, then it hasn't been responded to.

Every player will receive a Welcome Pack of /claim items, containing:
a mercenary skin
some Bayle Marks (pays for mercenary hire)
Experience potions
House item
Weapon ornamentation

If you downgrade from Gold to Silver:
Rk2/3 spells will cast as rank 1
Extra character slots (paid for) will be retained
The most recently played characters will be retained
Mercenaries of too high a tier will be suspended (not dismissed)

Veil of Alaris:
Silver can buy this to get level 95 and access to zones and other features.

Prestige items:
The last 2 expansions (SoD/UF/HoT) upper tier items will be Prestige: all raid and the top tier group items, and most augments (but not hot zone augs). If you have any, it will become unusable (yellow background) while you are not Gold.

Station Access (now called SOE All Access):
qualifies as Gold level (including the free 500 SC; Gold EQ and EQII recurring subscribers will get 500 SC from each plan).

Refer a Friend:
stays active until F2P launch, then goes away - unless both accounts have Gold status (on 27 Feb 2012, and both have Gold at the time).

Veteran rewards:
All old accounts will start accruing veteran status, just as for existing (and will be Silver accounts).

Free AA:
If SOE start to grant free AAs, as has been discussed, they won't count against the Free/Silver AA limits.

Free and Silver will have full forum access.

Free/Silver can:
unrestricted trades
buy in Bazaar (but not be a trader)

Unlockers will exist for:

extra character slot
more AAs

the new site will be released at some point after F2P launch.

New Server:
A new server was launched on March 16 2012, called Vox.

Free/Silver accounts can have housing. They can't place any items in guild housing.

Some restrictions were lifted in March 2013; this FAQ has been updated to reflect these changes.

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