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The main benefit of mounts in Everquest is that you can meditate (while not attacking) without having to sit. This gives you double your attacking mana regen rate, although with the out of combat regen rates most people would disregard this. Sitting makes you more likely to attract aggro while in combat, and it is inconvenient to have to remember to sit/stand all the time. The other benefit, faster speed, may seem obvious, but not all mounts allow you to run any faster than normal.

Mounts have a start up and slow down time; you don't start and stop immediately as you do with normal running. They also have a head that may obscure some of your view, although this used to be much more of a problem in the early days. There is also some added motion even when standing still, which may give some feelings of nausea.

The fastest mounts are raid drops and the AA mounts given to paladins and shadowknights. Maximum bard speed may be slightly faster than these. See the Run Speed page on Allakhazam or the Samanna buffs page for more details of speeds; be aware that they contradict each other.

Mounts are summoned by an item that you usually equip in the ammo slot (although this isn't required), and appear as a buff that gives both the mounted appearance, and the run speed benefit (if any). You can click off the buff to lose the mount, or use the /dismount command, which may be useful in macros. You must be using the Luclin model for your character in order to mount a horse (or be in a Luclin supported illusion).

You can now forage while mounted; this was introduced in April 2013, and before that it wasn't allowed.

Mounts were introduced with Luclin, initially sold by Stable Hand Kaye in the stables in the Bazaar, as well as a few dropped mounts - Lord Inquisitor Seru, Praesertum Bikun, Praesertum Matpa, Praesertum Rhugol, Praesertum Vantorus, Emperor Ssraeshza, Commander Zazuzh and Commander Zherozsh. These were all horses. Next came the drogmors, sold from the lighthouse in the Gulf of Gunthak.

The next mounts were the /claims: ceremonial barding, from Prophecy of Ro, and the roboboar from Secrets of Faydwer. These are both the slowest speed (yes, slower than running), but can be combined with fast mounts to give the /claim appearance with the faster run speed (barding). There is also a hobby horse mount (from one of the Anniversary quests), although this can't move at all!

There are many more mounts dropped in later expansions, from Underfoot onwards. Other sources of mounts are Legends of Norrath cards, /claim items, and the marketplace. The later claims and all marketplace saddles are faster, and if you already own a fast mount will use the faster speed of the two without you having to do anything additional.

If you want to get a refund on a purchased mount (this only applies to the ones bought in the Bazaar stables or in Gunthak), the procedure is strange. You hand in your bridle or drum to one of the NPCs in the stable/corral area, they hand you back a "bag of platinum", which you can then sell to a merchant.

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