Vendor and Quest Recipes


35 Copper Chain Vest; Tormus Deepforge, Supplying the Front (quest)
100 Ironforge Breastplate; Tormus Deepforge, Gearing Redridge (quest)
155 Solid Iron Maul; Arathi, Badlands, Desolace
160 Barbaric Iron Breastplace; Orokk Omosh, Barbaric Battlements (Horde quest)
160 Barbaric Iron Shoulders; Orokk Omosh, Old Iron Pauldrons (Horde quest)
160 Hardened Iron Shortsword; Booty Bay, Stormwind, Ironforge, Orgrimmar
175 Barbaric Iron Helm; Orokk Omosh, Horns of Frenzy (Horde quest)
180 Barbaric Iron Boots; Orokk Omosh, Trampled Under Foot (Horde quest)
180 Moonsteel Broadsword; Booty Bay
185 Massive Iron axe; Nesingwary’s Expedition, STV
190 Golden Scale Coif; Gadgetzan
205 Golden Scale Gauntlets; Hank the Hammer, the Origins of Smithing (quest)
215 Mithril Scale Bracers; Swamp of Sorrows, Badlands, Hinterlands
220 Ornate Mithril Gloves; Galvan the Ancient, The Great Silver Deceiver (quest)
220 Ornate Mithril Pants; Galvan the Ancient, Smelt On, Smelt Off (quest)
220 Ornate Mithril Shoulders; Galvan the Ancient, The Art of the Imbue(quest)
255 Ebon Shiv, Western Plaguelands, BoP
275 Ornate Thorium Handaxe; Western Plaguelands, BoP
275 Dawn’s Edge; Kilram (quest)
280 Blazing Rapier; Seril Scourgebane, Corruption (quest)
280 Enchanted Battlehammer; Lilith the Lithe, Sweet Serenity (quest)
280 Huge Thorium Battleaxe; Western Plaguelands, BoP
285 Demon Forged Breastplate; Lorax, The Demon Forge (quest)
290 Fiery Plate Gauntlets; (quest)
290 Girdle of the Dawn;
290 Heavy Timbermaw Belt;
295 Dark Iron Bracers;
295 Fiery Chain Girdle;
295 Storm Gauntlets;
300 Black Amnesty;
300 Blackfury;

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