Dustwallow Marsh (Alliance)

You get here by boat or griffon to Theramore Isle. Presumably you were here at an earlier level to register the flight path, and to complete the quest from Menethil Harbor, Wetlands: Red Eye Jack – Fiora Longears. This set of quests can be completed quite quickly, but will only give under a level at 39.

Bring 3 soothing spices for Jarl; you can buy them in Theramore if you forget.

In Stormwind, in the Mages Quarter, visit the Blue Recluse Tavern for: Angus Stern – Morgan Stern; and Connor Rivers – James Hyal. Then go to Menethil Harbor for the next step: Vincent Hyal – James Hyal.

The Shady Rest Inn

The first stage will be to follow the road and the signposts to the borders of the Barrens. On the way visit Jarl, who is to the north of the road roughly half way between the two guard towers. Give him the three soothing spices for: Swamp Eye Jarl – Soothing Spices, and collect: Swamp Eye Jarl – Jarl Needs Eyes. Next to his house is a clickable patch of Loose Dirt, take: The Orc Report. Continue on to the Barrens border, there you will find the ruins of the Shady Rest Inn. Click the shield on the chimney piece, the hoofprints in front of the inn, and the tiny badge on one of the loose floorboards. Quests: Suspicious Hoofprints, The Black Shield and Lieutenant Paval Reethe. Take a detour along the road north from the inn; at the end is Mudcrush Durtfeet – Hungry!

Go back to Theramore; a Theramore Lieutenant will take one quest, and the rest go to Captain Vimes in the Foothold Citadel in the NE of the town. After a little running around the town, you will end up with just one more quest: Captain Garran Vimes – The Deserters.

Return in the direction of Shady Rest Inn, but instead of taking the fork to the Barrens, continue south. You will soon find Lost Point, another guard tower. Inside is Balos Jacken, level 38, who you will need to fight and defeat to be given a quest to return again to Vimes.

At some point while traveling back and forth to the inn, go west, north of Brackenwall Village, to the zone wall and kill some darkmist spiders for Jarl, level 35-37. Each kill will drop between one and three eyes, so it doesn’t take as long as it sounds to collect the 40 required.

Near Theramore

Back in Theramore, collect: Morgan Stern – Mudrock Soup and Bugs. Just go up the north shore to collect these; either type of turtle can drop the tongues, levels 36-38. If there are too many people all trying for this quest, go to the islands offshore for the murlocs heads, as you will find turtles on the islands as well. Watch out for the coral sharks, level 43-45 elite. The next quest from Morgan will send you to the Swamp of Sorrows.

The Missing Diplomat

You may well have done this quest series at an earlier stage, or at least part of it; but this is the first point at which you can complete the series. It starts in Stormwind, in the cathedral, with Thomas the altar boy: Thomas – The Missing Diplomat. He sends you to Bishop DeLavey (next to him), who sends you to Jorgen, who is fishing right by the gates of Stormwind, on the griffon side. From there, you have to find Watcher Backus in Darkshire, Duskwood. This is the first point where you need to fight anything. He wants you to bring back the Defias Docket, which is in a chest in Addle’s Stead. You will need to fight up to three defias enchanters/night blades to reach it.

Then it is time to go back to Stormwind, to the cheese shop for Elling Trias. He sends you to the square in the middle of the Old Town, for Dashel Stonefist. Dashel is level 26, and has some friends to help him when you have to fight.

The next stage is to go to Menethil in the Wetlands to meet Mikhail in the inn. He wants you to speak to Slim Tapoke, which you need to do quickly before he runs out. Tapoke is level 34, and will summon a friend of the same level. Mikhail will eventually send you to (at last) Theramore Isle for Commander Samaul. You then speak to Archmage Tervosh, who sends you to find Private Hendel. Hendel is at the small camp just past the second guard tower out from Theramore. He is level 35, and the two guards there will assist him when you fight.

That’s the end of the series.

There are some later quests that send you here, which require you to find a crashed zeppelin. It is on the mainland, directly west from Theramore Isle, and best reached by leaving the main road at the last (second) guard tent, and following the line of hills. Beasts here are around level 40, and included some stealthed spiders. One quest for here is the outhouse quest from Searing Gorge; the other is from Razzeric in Thousand Needles. You can run over the hills to swim back, saving a little time.

Nat Pagle, for the fishing quest, is on an island close to the mainland shore, south west of Theramore. He is best reached by swimming from Theramore.

Swamp Eye Jarl – Jarl Needs a Blade 35 (smithing, avoid)
Guard Byron – They Call Him Smiling Jim 35
Stinky Ignatz – Stinky’s Escape 37
Archmage Tervosh – Shadowshard Fragments 42 (Maraudon in Desolace)
A Soggy Scroll (SoS) – Cortello’s Riddle 43
Nat Pagle – Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme 45
Nissa Firestone – Alliance Trauma 45
Doctor Gustav VanHowzen – Triage 45
Grimnur Stonebrand (IF) – I Got Nothin’ Left! 45

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