Razorfen Kraul

This is at the south end of the Barrens, on the west side of the road. It’s a long run through the Barrens from Dustwallow Marsh, and perhaps the flight path in the west of Thousand Needles (really in Feralas) is faster; you need to visit Thalanaar to pick up one of the quests. You may want to pass through Ratchet to pick up the tuber quest, but that is a longer run still.

Heralath Fallowbrook -Mortality Wanes (deliver to Darnassus)
Willix the Importer – Willix the Importer (escort)
Mebok Mizzyrix, Ratchet – Blueleaf Tubers (first T, left, dead end, bridge on right)
Furen Longbeard, Stormwind – Fire Hardened Mail (warrior)
Master Apothecary Faranell, Undercity (Horde) – Going, Going, Guano!
Master Apothecary Faranell, Undercity (Horde) – Hearts of Zeal
??, Thunder Bluff (Horde) – Vengeful Fate
Falfindel Waywarder, Thalanaar, Feralas – The Crone of the Kraul

To get the quest from Falfindel, you first need to collect Henrig Lonebrow’s Journal from the dwarf corpse at the bottom of the Great Lift from the Barrens into Thousand Needles. He is south west of the lift, quite close to it. Deliver the journal to Falfindel.

Inside the Kraul at first glance seems like a maze, but it isn’t quite as complex as that once you know it. There is an upper level, and a lower level (tunnels). The lower level has lower level mobs, as does the initial section – 25-28. The rest of the upper level is 28-31. There are a few stealth mobs in the later sections, and some mobs have pets. The pets have very low hit points, about 700.

You can enter the tunnels from the entrance by moving forward to the first T junction, then turning left. If, instead of taking the vine down into the tunnel, you follow the other vine across to the other side of the tunnel, this small area is good for the tuber quest. I got all of mine just standing in one spot.

On the lower level at the end is Fallowbrook and Willix. If you kill through, you can take the escort quest from Willix at a lower level. He wants to be escorted back through the tunnels; this time you have to follow him at his pace, and he will be ambushed probably three times by two or three higher level boards (level 28 elites), including once at the end by two boars, just at the instance exit.

The item for Fallowbrook drops from the humanoid boars, but drops quite quickly.

The upper level is a long twisty passage; there are no real forks in the path, just a couple of dead ends with nameds at the end.

Treshala is on the upper story of a building in the Tradesmen’s Terrace section of Darnassus.


Agathelos the Raging – Swinetusk Shank (blue dagger), Ferine Leggings (leather legs)
Blind Hunter – Batwing Mantle (blue cloth shoulders), Nightstalker Bow (blue bow), Stygian Bone Amulet (blue necklace). rare spawn.
Charlga Razorflank – Agamaggan’s Clutch (blue ring), Heart of Agamaggan (blue sheild), Pronged Reaver (blue one handed axe)
Death Speaker Jargba – Death Speaker Scepter (blue one handed mace), Death Speaker Mantle (cloth shoulders), Death Speaker Robes (cloth chest).
Earth Caller Halmgar – Wind Spirit Staff (blue staff, Whisperwind Headress (leather head). Rare spawn.
Overlord Ramtusk – Corpsemaker (blue two handed axe), Tusken Helm (mail head)

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