Scarlet Monastery

This is in the Undead starting zone, Tirisfal Glades, in the east, north east of Undercity. Alliance have to run there from Southshore. Enter Alterac as far west as you can, north of Hillsbrad fields. Go from there west of Dalaran, heading north, into Silverpine Forest – you can swim across the lake, if you wish. The road north from Silverpine enters Tirisfal Glades in the south west; go past the Undercity and south of Brightwater Lake to Scarlet Moastery, in the north east.

I am skipping listing the Horde quests, which I haven’t tried.

Raleigh the Devout, Hillsbrad – In the Name of the Light
Librarian Mae Paledust, Ironforge – Mythology of the Titans
Tabetha, Dustwallow Marsh – Hidden Secrets (magician)

The main quest series starts with Brother Crowley in Stormwind, who sends you to Brother Anton in Desolace at Nijel’s Point. You then have to kill 30 undead ravagers in the Valley of Bones, in the far south of Desolace. Raleigh is upstairs in the inn at Southshore.

At the end of the Grand Vestibule (where you enter the monastery), there are four instance entrance; two are locked and have names – Cathedral and Armory. The one to the north is the Graveyard, and to the south is the Library.


The first few mobs are human, and they run when low. They also don’t seem to respawn. After that are undead, which don’t run, and respawn relatively quickly.

In the undead area are groups of 3 non-elite, level 38/39; the rest are high 30s elites, all on their own. Phantasms will summon an elite ghost to help them, but it despawns when they die.

The graveyard used to be a popular place for cash farming, but in a recent run through there I got only three greens. The lower level instances are far better.

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