Hunter Talents

All of that aside though you are going to, without a doubt, want to invest points into Improved Aspect of the Hawk (Beastmastery) and Improved Hunters Mark (Marksmanship). These are the staple of your most important weapons (rifle/bow) and you’re going to want to get these sooner or later. I personally focus on Beastmastery early on in order to get Bestial Swiftness as soon as possible. Only because this is probably the most important ability your pet will need when it comes to PvP. If you plan on PvP’ing that is. I would recommend maxing out Improved Aspect of the Hawk, then Bestial Discipline and then get Bestial Swiftness. You’re going to want more focus for your pet so he can keep growling to keep aggro and you’re going to want to have a higher power ranking for your rifle and this path get’s that for you quickly. Afterwards I would work on Efficiency (Marksmanship) and then get to work on your Improved Hunters Mark so that you can get the highest power output for your rifle/bow.

Sniper type, 42 points:
Improved Concussive Shot – 5/5 points
Lethal Shots – 5/5 points
Improved Arcane Shot – 5/5 points
Barrage – 2/2 points
Aimed Shot – 1/1 point
Mortal Shots – 5/5 points
Improved Serpent Sting – 5/5 points
Hawk Eye – 3/3 points
Ranged Weapon Specialization – 5/5 points
Trueshot Aura – 1/1 point
Improved Aspect of the Hawk – 5/5 points

Ambush target, start with aimed shot. Serpent sting, multi shot, arcane shot. Concussive shot if target tries to flee. If hunter’s mark is used, apply after aimed shot.

Melee Build
Survival 25 points
Precision – 5/5 points
Entrapment – 5/5 points
Lightning Reflexes – 3/3 points
Deterrence – 1/1 point
Improved Wing Clip – 5/5 point
Deflection – 5/5 points
Counterattack – 1/1 point

Con: Less ranged/pet damage. Many feel that hunters should not melee.

Complementary options:
Ranged damage, 20 points:
5/5 into lethal and mortal shot
1 point into aimed shot
9 points of prerequisites placed according to player preference, improved concussion shot recommended.

Pet power, 20 points:
Endurance Training – 5/5 points
Bestial Discipline – 5/5 points
Unleashed Fury – 5/5 points
Ferocity – 5/5 points

Pet Based Build

Basic package, 30 points:
Endurance Training – 5/5 points
Bestial Discipline – 5/5 points
Unleashed Fury – 5/5 points
Ferocity – 5/5 points
Thick Hide – 5/5 points
Frenzy – 5/5 points <--- Keystone skill, best with fast attack pet.

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