Hunter Talents

Time to respec, and I want to have a 31/x/x configuration (full Beast Mastery). Calculating how to spread the points so that I don’t overspend in areas that I won’t want in an end build isn’t easy. Here’s my sequence.

For levelling, I’d probably start with the dps talents from MM and Survival (any order), then respec to BM when Ferocity becomes available at 19.

Beast Mastery

2 points in Improved Aspect of the Hawk; gives increased dps, so I want that first. 3 points in Endurance Training; essential to spend at this stage. Now can start on the 5 point talents.

3 in Thick Hide, then 2 in Endurance Training. Now 5 in Unleashed Fury (dps), which requires 10 points spent. Total spent is now 15, so can get Ferocity for 5.

With 20 points spent, can get 2 in Spirit Bond and 1 for Intimidation.

Now spend 2 more. I’d choose Improved Aspect of the Hawk, or Improved Aspect of the Monkey, as I don’t rate the remaining talents (Mend Pet, Bestial Swiftness, Pathfinding, Imp Eyes of the Beast or Imp Revive Pet). Mend Pet has some attractions, however.

Then 5 in Frenzy, which requires 25 spent, and the final point in Bestial Wrath.

2 AoH
3 Endurance
3 Thick Hide
2 Endurance
5 Unleashed Fury
5 Fero
1 Intimidation
2 Spirit Bond
2 AoH/AoM
5 Frenzy
1 Bestial Wrath


If we are keeping below 10 points, then Imp Wing Clip is ok (requires 5); gives a 4-20% chance of rooting for 5 secs. Nothing to rely on, however, but you can spam Wing Clip until it lands. Entrapment is also ok – gives traps a 10-50% chance to root for 5 secs. I prefer WC, I think. All of the initial talents are good – Humanoid Slaying, Monster Slaying, and Deflection.

I’d split it into 3 Humanoid, 2 Monster, then 5 Wing Clip (or 4, if you want Aimed Shot).


Imp Concussive Shot, Lethal Shots for 10. Aimed Shot if you want to go for 11 points spent.

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