Rogue Combat Build

Copied from EU forum:

“Combat builds are the fastest for levelling because you will solo a lot and it’s the one that kills the mobs fast with little input and damaged recieved, as it doesn’t need to worry about positioning or stun timers. When you level, I reccomend you follow the following:

1st 2 points always go into Improved Sinister Strike

next 5 go into Malice

Now you have some choice, I’d fill up combat first and go in this order:

3 Improved Gouge
5 Deflection
1 Riposte
5 Precision
5 DW Spec
1 Blade Flurry
5 In a spec of your choice (Sword or Mace usually)
3 Aggression
1 Adreneline Rush

Then move into Assassination and fill up, then respec at 60.”

And another:

Link to Talent Builder.

This is 20/31/0:


Improved Eviscerate rank 3/3
Malice rank 5/5
Ruthlessness rank 3/3
Improved Slice and Dice rank 3/3
Relentless Strikes rank 1/1
Lethality rank 5/5


Improved Gouge rank 3/3
Improved Sinister Strike rank 2/2
Deflection rank 5/5
Precision rank 5/5
Riposte rank 1/1
Dual Wield Specialization rank 5/5
Blade Flurry rank 1/1
Sword Specialization rank 5/5
Aggression rank 3/3
Adrenaline Rush rank 1/1

An option might be to drop Imp Slice and Dice for either Imp Evasion, or Master of Deception.

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