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Student Recipe Book

This page is a set of links to my “student” recipe book. These are Pages documents shared on, and can be viewed, downloaded in various formats and printed. The basic idea is to create a collection of student friendly recipes that are nutritious, cheap to make and simple to prepare.


my bread, Jim Lahey

There’s been a lot of buzz about Jim Lahey’s techniques over the last couple of years.  There’s no doubt that he’s a dedicated baker, and that his approach is worth considering; not least because it’s a set of simple rules that will give more consistent results, and good results, than a novice baker can hope […]

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Supper for a Song, Tamasin Day-Lewis

I wasn’t going to read this book, being acquainted with Ms Day-Lewis’s writing of yore for the Sunday supplements. In my mind I hear a hectoring, strident voice, talking about the fashionable issues: organic, sustainable, seasonal, Aga, farmhouse kitchen; listen to her Amazon video if you’d like to hear exactly what nightmare runs in my […]

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Good Eats: The Early Years, Alton Brown

I am a big fan of the Good Eats show, even though my only access to it is via YouTube, and I have Alton Brown’s three previous books from the series. There are 80 episodes covered in this first installment of three books (not two, as the Product Description claims), each with a short discussion […]

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Getting Online – how hard can it be?

I have a hate/hate relationship with BT Openworld.  Let’s be clear; I have no choice but to use them, as they have access points at all the places I visit and might need a connection.  All the old coffee shop access points in my area have been converted to BT Openworld, taking them at a […]

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, L Frank Baum

It has taken me some time to get around to reading this book – close to 40 years, if I remember that far back clearly (which mostly I do). I remember seeing the great film classic version when I was young, many times; to be honest, it didn’t really grip me, although the switch into […]


The Compleat Angler, Isaak Walton

Anglers talk of this book with reverence, or did so when I was in my teens.  Back then I can recall taking a look, and finding it rather impenetrable, written in an archaic style. All of this is still true, but I found it an interesting read none the less.  There is certainly a lot […]


Bad Science, Ben Goldacre

I picked this up in Waterstones, after a quick browse.  It is more or less a book version of Ben’s blog, which in turn is related to his column in the Guardian.  It’s a reasonably entertaining exposé of newspaper journalism concerning health stories. The main topics covered are: nutritionists, MMR, and homeopathy.  In order: he […]


A Princess of Mars, Edgar Rice Burroughs

This is the first in a series of posts reviewing books, as I read them.  Older book reviews here are mostly archives of reviews that I have posted to Amazon, some for computing books, others for cookery books. I first read A Princess of Mars in my early teens (I was possibly 12 at the […]


Café Playlists

Sitting right here in a cafe (Stell’s, Redlands, CA), I have been listening to a play list from the 60s. Ordinarily that would be great – much Neil Young, CSN, Nick Drake, and many tracks that I am familiar with from the first time around (and the cafe owners presumably aren’t). But I was fantasising […]