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Good Eats: The Early Years, Alton Brown

I am a big fan of the Good Eats show, even though my only access to it is via YouTube, and I have Alton Brown’s three previous books from the series. There are 80 episodes covered in this first installment of three books (not two, as the Product Description claims), each with a short discussion of the themes of the show, a couple of recipes (called applications in the book), and some quotes and trivia. The recipes have all been reworked, some substantially; a few that I have checked have been exactly as given in the shows. Recipes have been adjusted to use weights (hurray!) rather than cup measures, where it is appropriate.

If you are looking for a basic cookbook, then this isn’t it; but then, it doesn’t claim to be. If you want to dig out some recipe that you half remember from an episode, or just would like a souvenir of the shows, you’ll be very happy. I have made a number of the recipes; most work out very well, but some have quirks that give inedible results (for me) – I’ll refer you to p156 and the “Duck!” recipe – which has become known in my household as “rubber duck” for an example. But I should emphasise that most recipes work well, especially the baking recipes.

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